Based on meat and potatoes: Javier Gutiérrez’s method to gain almost 10 kilos for ‘La hija’

The actor was a guest on the set of ‘El Hormiguero’ and spoke about how difficult it is to handle a shotgun and how easy it is to gain weight ‘a la vasca’.

If you are asked to gain weight to play a character, you can do it in many ways. One option is to do it in a controlled way, with the help of a nutritionist. The other is to use Javier Gutiérrez’s method and enjoy the gastronomy of the place where you roll until you reach almost 10kg. That is what the actor has told on his visit as a guest in The Hormiguero, where has promoted The daughter, a film by Manuel Martín Cuenca that opens on Friday, November 26.

“The director, who has a very particular methodology, saw me as very urban. I came from doing work like Bajocero, Home, the Serie I am alive… He was finer and with a more city-like ‘look’, “says Gutiérrez. The daughter he plays a rural man who lives in a house far from any urban nucleus with his wife, his dogs and his garden. It was more fitting that it was someone of a larger size and the actor could see why while shooting the film. “The film is shot in the Sierra del Segura, in Jaén, in places that are spectacular, and in that area ordering a salad is a marcianada”, he confesses between laughs.

I remember that there was a lot of game meat and thanks to that, the potatoes and the good wine I got fatter as the film progressed. I started with 4 or 5 kilos and ended with 8 or 9

Gutiérrez explains that he could have resorted to the help of a professional, but decided to do it his own way and get fed up with eating everything, especially at dinners. “There were two options: either go to a dietician and do it well or do it ‘a la vasca’ as I have done. I ate everything you can imagine”, explains Pablo Motos.

Playing a man from the mountains such as his character in the film, Gutiérrez has had to learn to handle a weapon. Although it was blank, it had recoil so that the shot was as authentic as possible on screen, something he did not know. “I was practicing shooting with hunters there. What I did not know is that he wanted there to be a shotgun with real recoil,” reveals the actor. He shot the first time and possibly the last time, as he did not like the experience at all. “I never choose a shotgun again because I almost dislocated my shoulder. I don’t know how hunters do, but you have to be strong to withstand the setback, “he says.

On The daughter gives life to Javier, a man who, together with his wife Adela (Patricia López Arnaiz), has suffered a lot for not being able to start a family. The solution comes in the form of Irene (Irene Virgüez), a 15-year-old girl who comes from a juvenile center and is pregnant. Although his intentions are, a priori, good, everything will get worse very quickly until it reaches a fateful end. It opens in Spanish cinemas on November 26.

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