‘Bay Yanlış’ (The Wrong Man), the Turkish series by Can Yaman and Özge Gürel, premieres on Nova

The fiction was released in 2020 and, although it was canceled after 14 episodes, it is an essential appointment for fans of the ‘Dreaming Bird’ actor.

The filming had not yet finished and Atresmedia had already put its hand on Mr. Wrong. The chain took over its broadcasting rights right away and it is not surprising, since we are talking about the new Can Yaman series, the very protagonist of Dreamy bird and full moon. More than a year later, Nova begins promoting fiction. Its premiere is very close.

Although the chain has not said it explicitly, the account of Series Turcas España has identified the car that appears in the images as that of the expected Turkish fiction.

Mr. Wrong is a romantic comedy that premiered on FOX Turkey on June 26, 2020. Can Yaman returns to work alongside Özge Gürel, his partner in full moon, so the news of its production unleashed a stir on social networks. The famous Turkish performers give life to two young people disappointed in love whose paths unexpectedly meet and, as often happens, they end up falling in love.

Yaman is Özgür, a young man from a good family who has lived as he wanted, surrounded by money and one-night stands with dozens of women. Ezgi (Gürel) is the opposite, a girl who wants to get married and start a family but has had no luck with any of her relationships. Seeing that she cannot find a stable partner, she turns to Özgür to ​​guide her. In return, she will have to pretend to be her girlfriend at her sister’s wedding, since her mother keeps asking her about a future marriage.

Behind the cameras is part of the team of Dreamy bird. Screenwriters Banu Zengin Tak and Asli Zengin repeat in this new fiction, which arrived on Turkish television in 2020, but was canceled after 14 episodes. The news provoked very different reactions from viewers. On the one hand there were those who complained about the decision, which they saw as a “lack of respect” towards the actors, and on the other, those who saw the decision well, since they believed that it was a leading couple with nothing special.

Now comes the time for the Spanish audience to decide if they form a good romantic duo or not. Fans of Can Yaman, Özge Gürel and the Turkish genre in general will have to stay tuned for the release date of Mr. Wrong in Nova.

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