Bear loves “pop with joyful energy”

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His third album is called “Mitsouko”, like the hopping group and this ancient perfume of Guerlain. Charles Souchon (alias Ours) deploys his pop spirit mixed with a melancholy marked by the passage of the forty years.

It is a very soft Bear, who never scratch, or so delicately that it looks like a caress. A Bear who loves others so much (from Lily Allen to Soldier Rose) that he leads his own career very discreetly. To the credit of Charles Souchon, only three albums in fifteen years. Including the very last, “Mitsouko”, which is a return to childhood. “When I was little, I saw the Rita Mitsouko as cartoon characters, explains the singer. Before loving their music, I loved their music videos and their clothes. Later, I understood how much they embodied a freedom totally unbridled creative. And today more than ever I say to myself as I listen to them: do not fall asleep on song patterns; keep this freshness, this fantasy. “

To use the title, Charles Souchon asked permission from Catherine Ringer, who immediately validated, finding the idea “funny”. As for Guerlain, they have not been specially perfumed, even if the singer thinks about it, smirking. “In a concert, all the senses are captured, so why not imagine working the nose? At one time, Michel Jonasz implemented the idea by diffusing a scent of eucalyptus in the Zénith”.

Carried by “Petit jeu”, with the complicity of Matthieu Chedid, the album of Ours readily displays its dapper side. “This pop song, with a joyful energy, I wanted to share it. We rewrote it together, emphasizing its recreational side. Matthieu, who is 8 years older than me, is a bit my big brother: we have a whole story together. Our fathers became friends when they wrote together We are going forward. We saw each other as a family at dinners or in the countryside. My brother Pierre played the drums when he was a teenager. It was at home, during a weekend, that Matthieu learned his first chords on my father’s guitar… before becoming my teacher, at 18, to make some money! I watched these two play a lot. And I was very admiring when Matthieu, a little shy boy, not very comfortable, as though encased in his body, flew off finding a disguise, a character that transfigured him. “

The Ours album is resolutely open to everyone, traversed as in a dream “of melodies easy to whistle under the moon of our idiotic laughs” (song “Maybe not”, written with Barcella). “I love to whistle songs like Don’t worry, be happy Where My beautiful Michelle. It’s crystal clear, generous, it speaks to everyone. That sums up the pop spirit well. But such simplicity is so difficult to achieve. “

“A small swing, a small rowboat”

However, in the house “Mitsouko” often float scents of melancholy and anguish summarized as follows in a title: “What are you afraid of?”. “I’m afraid of a lot of things, admits Ours: screens, the Internet (even if we find wonderful things there), disinterest in politics, this rise of fascism, climate change… Some know the crisis of the fifties or sixties Me, I was 40 years old and a child (Augustin, today 2 and a half years, Editor’s note). It all happened at the same time. I received a blow. “

Quickly caught up, guitar slung over your shoulder, “by a little swing, a little rowboat” – of those who make the songs we love, sad and cheerful at the same time.

Album “Mitsouko” (Capitol / Universal). Bear on tour in the Southwest in 2022.

Papa Souchon at the Zenith

Charles Souchon worked closely with his brother Pierre on their father’s album, “Ames fifties”. Thus replacing more or less the favorite composer Laurent Voulzy. “For years, I wanted to write my route on my own, not to be in daddy’s paws, insists Ours. And then, after a decade, I found it a shame not to work with the one I am so accomplice in life. It started with the song for the movie Open at night, by Edouard Baer then with the continuation of Pink soldier. Each time, everything went very well; it was obvious. We were no longer a father with his children but three musicians telling each other things simply, without being offended, with an obvious benevolence. “However, Pierre and Charles Souchon will not be present (” except sometimes for a small wink “) on the” Ames fifties “tour, which was interrupted for a long time before leaving, after about fifteen summer festivals, at the end of September, with a visit to the Zénith in Toulouse on February 3, 2022.Alain Souchon at the Zénith in Toulouse, Thursday February 3, 2022 at 8 p.m. Prices: from € 42 to € 69. Tel. 05 34 31 10 00 (