Before ‘The Last of Us’ we saw Pedro Pascal shine in this powerful ‘thriller’ with Denzel Washington that can be seen in ‘streaming’

The actor of the moment and star of the HBO series and ‘The Mandalorian’ manages to live up to the duel with Washington in a stupendous action movie entitled ‘The Equalizer 2’.

For someone who has made so many movies and had such a long and successful career, it’s completely bizarre that Denzel Washington didn’t make a sequel to one of his hits until relatively recently. But he chose very well what to do it with, giving himself a great saga of action and vigilantes. The Equalizer 2 it was completely up to par.

The actor meets a milestone by re-teaming with Antoine Fuqua, with whom he has worked several times in the past, including the successful Training Day. He also returns to work with Melissa Leo, one of the few returns from the first film, and invites a Pedro Pascal to the party who is not intimidated and manages to rise to the duel with denzel.

Returning to the big screen is Robert McCall, the veteran ex-government agent played by Washington who decides to continue fighting on his own against criminals, kidnappers or any type of extortionist, however risky they may be. But this time, this vigilante is going to have to face a case in which very personal issues will come into play.

What to see on Netflix: a surprising and powerful action ‘thriller’ with Denzel Washington that is one of his biggest hits

And it is that Susan Plummer (Leo), his CIA partner, a retired ex-agent, has disappeared. In this way, the mission will bring McCall face to face with kidnappers and high-level hitmen with whom no one is safe, while tests your tenacity and skills now that someone dear is at stake.

Here they offer us one of those old school vigilante thrillers again. washington offers a conscientious character and attentive to small details, something that applies when you want to distribute tow to some criminals or when you want to do good deeds in your community. The magic of the character is that he seeks to help those around him, either with small gestures or resorting to toughness.

“It’s like a bedroom voice”: The secret of the voice used by Pedro Pascal in ‘The Mandalorian’

And when it does resort to action, it’s really good, thanks to the way it always keeps it realistic and down to earth. Only an intense third act allows itself to get a little crazy, but in return it offers one of the best climaxes of the recent action genre. A totally charismatic Pascal contributes to this, shining with his own light and showing that he can do anything, not just stupendous foster parents as in The Last of Us either The Mandalorian.

Last night on television it offered us an enjoyable time, but if you missed it, don’t worry because you can enjoy it on the different streaming platforms. And you should, as it is an adrenaline rush done rightwith two stars showing off and managing intrigue like few others.

You can see The Equalizer 2 on netflix, HBO Max and in Amazon Prime Video.

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