Best record sales in 2021: rapper Orelsan ranks first, rap in force

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The ranking of album sales in 2021 places rapper Orelsan in first position. Rap takes the lion’s share of the top 10. French singers are resisting.

He took his time to release his fourth album. But his work paid off. Norman rapper Orelsan’s “Civilization” album is the best-selling album in France in 2021. It sold 338,463 albums in just six weeks. The first single “Jour Meilleur” has been running on radio since the beginning of winter. His concerts in Toulouse, Pau, Bordeaux or at the Accor Arena in Paris are sold out.

The second place in the ranking is occupied by Grand Corps Malade. The slammer sold 285,255 copies of the album “Mesdames” which had already sold 198,000 copies in 2020. Grand Corps Malade reissued the album last year. Several duets have met with great success: “Derrière le brouillard” with Louane, “Our most beautiful years” with Kimberose or “Mais je t’aime” with Camille Lellouche.

The podium is completed by the Enfoirés album: “Beside you”. 234,866 copies found buyers for the benefit of Restos du cœur. The new Enfoirés concerts will be organized at the end of January in Montpellier without an audience due to current health measures.

In the rest of the ranking, revealed by the Parisian, the rapper SCH arrives at a surprising 4th place with “JVLIVS II” sold at 230 944 place. Belgian rapper Damso is 5th with “Qualf” which sold 209,349 copies. The first Anglo-Saxon performer is Adèle, ranked 6th, with her new album “30” which won over 203,144 pairs of ears. Vianney is 7th with “N’attendons pas” which sold 172,185 copies. 8th place for another rapper, the Marseillais Jul, with “Demain ça ira” with 167,688 copies. THE duo Vitaa & Slimane and their album “Versus” are 9th with 165,792 copies. The Marseillais Sopran occupies the 10th place with “Star Hunter” which posts 160,576 sales on the counter.

Rap in force

Proof of the success of rap in France in streaming in particular: five rap albums are in the top 10 (Orelsan, SCH, Damso, Jul and Soprano), twelve in the top 20 and thirty in the top 50! Moreover, if Orelsan is at the top of the ranking, it is the rapper Jul who was the biggest seller of records in 2021. He sold 549,395 copies in one year of the eight albums of his career. Without forgetting the success of the organized Clasico, the rapper collective that he brought together, which is close to 100,000 copies sold.

French song resists

The classification, established on the sales figures of the Snep (National Union of Phonographic Edition) and the OCC (Official charts company) shows that the French song has not said its last word. Vianney seduced 172,185 buyers for his album “N’attendons pas”. Clara Luciani, who we heard a lot in 2021 and whose “The rest” was one of the hits of the summer, sold 157,522 copies of her album “Heart”. Julien Doré, he sold 138,000 copies of his album “Aimée”. Without forgetting the duo Vitaa & Slimane, invited on all variety shows in 2021, which sold 165,792 copies of the album “Versus”.

Disappointing sales

Being a successful singer or band doesn’t equal record sales every time. Soprano’s latest album, which ranks 10th, won over 160,000 buyers, a score far removed from its previous scores. Abba only sold 108,620 copies of “Voyage”, their comeback album 40 years after the end of their career. Finally Angèle, who released “Nonante-cinq” on December 3 on digital and December 8 on CD, sold 126,971 copies in less than a month. Sales will naturally continue in 2022.