#BeTheMiracle Raashi Khanna to share screen with Shahid Kapoor in Raj & DK’s web series

#BeTheMiracle Raashi Khanna to share screen with Shahid Kapoor in Raj & DK’s web series

The effect of corona pandemic is being seen across the country. Due to this epidemic, the whole country is going through a huge health crisis. In such a situation, whatever other person is getting help from him, he is doing it. Meanwhile, actress Rashi Khanna, who shared the screen with Shahid Kapoor in Raj & DK’s upcoming web series, has also come forward to help people. Raashi Khanna has recently joined hands with the BeTheMiracle initiative.

Rashi has also given this information through her official Instagram account. Rashi Khanna has shared the post and told that she has started the BeTheMiracle initiative in association with Roti Bank. Through which the actress will help the poor families on whom this epidemic has left a deep impact due to the lock down.

Under Rashi’s initiative #BeTheMiracle, food will be delivered to the needy. She is working tirelessly to help those who have lost their livelihood in this time of covid. Talking about this initiative, Rashi Khanna said, ‘The condition of the people suffering from the pandemic is heart-wrenching.

Through #BeTheMiracle, I am trying to help people in every possible way. I am fortunate that I have got the support of such a team who are so brave, that even in this pandemic, they are coming out of the house and bringing people’s problems to the fore.

Rashi further says, ‘Many families are on the verge of starvation who are going through really bad times. I want people to donate openly, every straw matters. It doesn’t have to be an exorbitant amount. We should realize that we are all in this together and it is only by staying together that we can overcome this difficult time. And together we can bring miracles in anyone’s life.’