Between nostalgia and fetishism, 2022 will welcome the 1980s on our screens

(AFP) – From “Top Gun” to the first Star Wars trilogy via “Dragon Ball Z”, references to films and series of the 80s line the many theatrical releases and on platforms scheduled for 2022.

“This decade has become an aesthetic and narrative reference”, explains Ariane Hudelet, professor at the University of Paris specializing in American series.

There is a “fetishization” of the imagery of the 80s, she continues: search for a certain grain of sound or images, use of typical objects such as cassettes.

Why such an interest?

“Even if the result has little to do with the original, a cover will stand out because it automatically arouses curiosity”, underlines Alain Carrazé journalist author of “Series’ anatomy: the 8th art decrypted” (Fantask, 2017).

“In a landscape where there are always more outings, using a well-known title makes it possible to stand out”.

– “Stranger Things”, a nostalgic series? –

“Stranger things put the 80s at the top of the bill,” observes Ariane Hudelet. “Taking over the icons from Stephen King’s novels at ET, the series embodies a mixture of pastiche and nostalgic fetishization of the decade.”

The fourth season of the series, which chronicles the adventures of a group of friends and a young girl with paranormal psychic abilities, will be released on Netflix in the summer of 2022.

For Richard Mèmeteau, philosopher, “Stranger Things” is moreover not just a cover, “it is a complete reinterpretation of childhood in the 80s in the light of our contemporary expectations. The female characters have more important places, the monsters are more nuanced “.

“Each generation of spectator attaches a specific memory to a work”, observes the philosopher, author of “Pop culture: Reflections on the industries of dreams and the invention of identities” (La Découverte, 2014).

Any modern recovery is therefore “the opportunity to immerse yourself in these past memories”.

– The decade of genre films –

With two new Star Wars series, the adaptation of the medieval-fantasy saga “Willow” (1988) or the release of a film “Dragon Ball Z”, 2022 confirms the 80s as “the decade associated with the rise of science fiction and horror, “notes Arianne Hudelet.

“Obi Wan Kenobi” and “Andor”, the two Star Wars series to appear on Disney +, are located upstream of the founding episode of the saga in 1977.

“The people who watch series in our time are first of all those born in the 80s”, analyzes Alain Carrazé.

These two series are therefore naturally articulated “for the moment around the first trilogy”, which these spectators knew as children. Like “Dragon Ball Z”, an animated manga series which has a new film adaptation in 2022.

“Willow”, which had had little success in 1988, will be released as a series on Disney + with, in the eponymous role, then actor Warwick Davis.

– Return of a star –

Tom Cruise will be showing in May 2022 of “Mission Impossible 7” and “Top Gun: Maverick”, following the exploits of the ace of Air Force aces in 1986.

With “Mission Impossible”, the American actor “uses an old title (from a series of the years 1960-1970, editor’s note), to define a format that works well enough with the public to make several films of it. “, emphasizes Alain Carrazé.

As for “Top Gun”, an almost sixty-year-old Maverick (Tom Cruise), surprised in the trailer to be “invited back” to the army, is answered by a senior officer whom he has no choice. to come back because it is about “an order” … To the spectators to decide if it is the one too many.