Beyond ‘Dragon Ball’: The new Akira Toriyama already has a release date in theaters

The film is based on ‘Sand Land’, the first manga written by the mangaka after concluding his acclaimed franchise starring Goku.


Akira Toriyama is known worldwide for Dragon Ball and there is no doubt about that. But when he finished the saga, he wrote Sand Land, which took little time to be adapted as an animated film and of which we already have a short preview and theatrical release date.

The project was first announced on December 8, 2022 along with a webpage to keep fans up to date on all things related to the film. A teaser video showing the protagonists and the animation quality provided by Sunrise, Kamikaze Douga, and ANIMA was released shortly after.

And now it has been announced that the film will hit theaters in Japan. next August 18. The film is thus based on the first manga that Toriyama published after finishing dragonball. Sand Land is set in a desert world where two main species, humans and demons, suffer from chronic water shortages.

The pink-skinned prince of demons Beelzebub, his friend Thief, and a sheriff from a small town named Rao team up to find the legendary Ghost Lake hidden somewhere in the desert. Since the manga’s publication in 2000, it has managed to gather several fans and shows many characteristics of the works of Akira Toriyama, who is also actively involved in the film adaptation.

When the manga came out, there were widespread rumors that it could be a sequel to Dragon Ball, due to similarities in some character designs, but it clearly isn’t, as the true sequel to Toriyama’s most successful work came a year later. then with Dragon Ball Super.

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The movie news Sand Land was received with great enthusiasm by fans of the manga, as it has always been hailed as one of Toriyama’s best short stories. Judging by the teaser, Sand Land has a good chance of becoming one of the blockbusters anime of 2023 after its theatrical release in Japan on August 18.

In Spain, we will have to wait if it would also arrive months later in our theaters or if Crunchyroll will be the one that premieres directly on the platform streaming.