Beyond Iron Man: Christopher Nolan gives Robert Downey Jr. his big break in 13 years

The director of ‘Tenet’ or ‘Dunkerque’ has signed the legendary Tony Stark from Marvel for his next film: ‘Oppenheimer’.

Robert Downey Jr. has his future assured as Tony Stark in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The character may have already left the adventure after sacrificing himself in the fight against Thanos in Avengers: EndgameBut who are we kidding? If you say you want to come back tomorrow, the studio and the fans would welcome you with more than open arms. However, that is not the path that the actor has wanted to take. Has signed with Christopher Nolan in what could be his biggest chance in 13 years.

Downey Jr. will be one of the protagonists of Oppenheimer, the new genie tape that created Origin O Tenet. Nolan will take to the big screen the life of J. Robert Oppenheimer, the man who designed the atomic bomb. Downey Jr. will not be the protagonist – a role that has fallen to Cillian Murphy – but he will surely play a key role in the plot and viewers will be able to enjoy a brilliant cast, as often happens in the director’s tapes.

Nolan knows how to harness his actors’ skills very well and boost their careers. This is what he did, for example, with Matthew McConaughey. He noticed the change of the registry of the interpreter and gave him the title role in Interstellar, which helped the industry see him as more than just the romantic comedy guy. Something similar happened with Harry Styles, the teenage idol who surprised everyone in Dunkerque.

The truth is that Downey Jr. doesn’t need any boost, but Oppenheimer could put him back in the Oscar race, something that is not entirely alien to him. He has been nominated for the prized statuette twice. The first was in 1993 for Best Leading Actor for his performance in Chaplin, the second as Best Supporting Actor in Tropic Thunder (2009). Perhaps his work with Nolan will give him a chance to win the award again.

It is still too early to be thinking about awards and recognitions, since the filming has not even begun. According to the latest details, It is expected to kick off in early 2022 so that everything is ready for its premiere scheduled for July 2023. It will be the filmmaker’s first feature film with Universal Pictures after breaking his deal with Warner Bros. following a misunderstanding over the simultaneous theatrical release and streaming platform HBO Max.

Robert Downey Jr. will be one of many names in a luxurious cast. Besides him, Cillian Murphy, Matt Damon and Emily Blunt are the winning team. Murphy returns to work at the hands of Nolan in what will be his ninth film with the filmmaker. Damon already collaborated in a small role in Dunkerque. In the case of Blunt and Downey Jr. it will be the first time.

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