‘Bitter Earth’: this week more tension, more drama and a lot of emotion in the last minutes of the successful series

Antena 3 will broadcast the outcome of the successful fiction this Friday, March 10.

This week comes the long-awaited end of bitter land after its lengthy and agonizing emission. Antena 3 decided to divide the last episode of the successful Turkish series into 10 parts and, finally, on February 10, viewers will enjoy the outcome of the inhabitants of Çukurova. A wedding with a lot of drama, moments full of tension and the search for happiness of the characters are the keys to the episodes from March 6 to March 10.

Everyone is happy and excited about the wedding between Fikret and Zeynep. However, an unexpected event will make the wedding not go as expected. Bahap crashes the party with a bomb attached to his body and threatens to explode if they don’t release his brother. A moment full of tension and endangering all the guests. Will they be able to continue the wedding as normal?

Çolak, Betül and Abdülkadir They are still serving their sentence. The villains of the Turkish series will not have a pleasant few days in jail, since they are not well received by the rest of the prisoners. While Betül confronts Züleyha’s female prisoners, Abdülkadir and Çolak will fight to see who is the leader inside the prison.

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Plus, viewers of Bitter Earth will finally find out if Züleyha has found happiness. After three romances and visits to the cemetery, the protagonist is the great lady and lady of Çukurova although she lacks something. Will the young woman be happy with her children Adnan and Leyla?

The outcome of the wedding of Fikret and Zeynep, the future of the villains of the successful fiction and the happiness of Züleyha will have an answer this week. Don’t miss the last minutes of bitter land of the March 6 to 10 on Antena 3.