Blanca Portillo, a widow in search of answers in this EXCLUSIVE clip of ‘Maixabel’: “Didn’t you know who you were going to kill?”

Can an ETA member regret his acts? And would a relative of the victims speak to him? That’s what the new film by Icíar Bollaín is about. In theaters September 24.

“Do you know who my husband was? Didn’t you know who you were going to kill?”. Those are some of the questions that Maixabel Lasa asks one of the men who murdered her partner, the politician Juan María Jáuregui. The meeting between the widow and the ETA member is the central act of Maixabel, the new film by Icíar Bollaín that is based on real events. Compete for the Golden Shell at the 69th edition of the San Sebastian Festival and, after the contest, will hit movie theaters September 24.

Blanca Portillo gives life to the protagonist, a woman who with cold blood and a firm gaze looks face to face at the man who followed orders to end the life of her husband. As you can see in the clip that SensaCine offers you EXCLUSIVELY -which you will find on these lines-, Maixabel had no qualms about meeting them to find the answers to the thousand questions that were hanging around his head. In the video, Portillo meets the character of Urko Olazabal, Luis Carrasco, a former member of ETA and one of those responsible for the death of her husband.

Some data did not reach us, a person, and we did not investigate it. He was determined. You had to do harm. No more. That year we killed more than 20, your husband was one more

Along with Portillo, the protagonist of the film is Luis Tosar. The actor plays Ibon Etxezarreta, another member of the command that killed Juan María Jáuregui on July 29, 2000, when the victim was on vacation in Tolosa. A decade later, Maixabel Lasa sat down with the terrorists – first with Luis Carrasco and later with Etxezarreta – thanks to the Nanclares road, a project for the reintegration of repentant ETA prisoners.

‘Maixabel’: What happens when a terrorist meets his victim? Icíar Bollaín tells it in his new film

On Maixabel, Icíar Bollaín does not attempt to tell the story of the terrorist organization or how atrocious its acts were. The director proposes an interesting debate about forgiveness. “It tells the story of a reconstruction. It is the story of two paths that go in parallel and yet are united by a deep pain”, says Blanca Portillo in a behind-the-scenes report. “They have the ability to sit down and listen to each other,” adds Bollaín.

“The message of the film is that if these two people have been able to do it, it is possible to resolve almost any conflict,” says producer Juan Moreno.

Maixabel opens in theaters on September 24.