Blink a lot and you’ll get scared to death: PlayStation VR2 promises big breakthroughs and the terror of Switchback VR is ready to take advantage of them – The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR

This February 22 launches in stores Playstation VR2 along with various video games, including the great Horizon: Call of the Mountain. Among its home catalog there are great proposals, but also absences: Switchback VRa horror adventure from Supermassive that the premiere of the virtual reality device is lost for a few weeks. To make up for the wait, its authors have talked at length about how they will take advantage of PS VR2.

There are several features presented by the team also responsible for The Quarry, which will make its debut on PS Plus Extra & Premium this monthbut before continuing with the rest we want to stay with a very interesting one, like that first, and that it has to do with the blink rate of the player: “With eye tracking, your enemies will be on top of you every time you blink. And others will only move when you’re not looking at them!” In this way, Supermassive Games has devised a way to keep the player constantly in tension, and that also happens by watching their gaze.

“Thanks to the innovation and immersion that PS VR2 offers, the experience of Switchback VR has intensified compared to its predecessor [en referencia a Until Dawn: Rush of Blood]taking players on a multi-sensory journey through ghost ships, witch hunts, vampire nests, and the lair of a sadistic killer in a frenetic horror experience.”

Its functions designed for PlayStation VR2

There are several more features announced by Alejandro Arque Gallardo, director of the video game, on PlayStation in addition to the one mentioned. These are:

Switchblack VR

  • Hold on tight “Ride every bump and drop as your cart speeds down the tracks, with haptic feedback giving you that roller coaster feeling and feeling all the effects of weather including wind, rain and falling sand from ancient Sumerian temples. “.
  • Feel the tension. “Discover and shoot weapon crates throughout the environment and unlock powerful new weaponry. Adaptive triggers make each weapon feel unique as they all have their own resistance levels. Get ready to unleash them against the terrifying enemies that emerge from the shadows. Whether you use the revolver, shotgun, Uzi or any of the other weapons, don’t forget to reload, or your trip could be very short!”
  • Watch your head! “Avoid falling beams, crashed buses, and hanging witches. The helmet’s vibration will make sure you feel it if you don’t!”
  • You will hear voices. “Hear your enemies scream all around you, and if you think closing your eyes will help you… think twice, to add to the terror, demons will whisper in your ear with 3D audio.”

Players can pre-order Switchback VR and access various detailed incentives through the product sheet in the PlayStation Store. In the absence of more information about the video game, we invite you to consult the analysis of PlayStation VR2 of 3DJuegos of the comrade Alejandro Pascual. The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR launches on March 16.