Blizzard’s Break With China Is Complete, And The Public Destruction Of World Of Warcraft Statues Is Proof Of It – World of Warcraft

Millions of gamers in China are about to say goodbye a hearthstone, Overwatch 2, world of warcraft and other popular titles from the catalog of Blizzard. This is because, as We already informed you last Novemberthe developer has not been able to extend the agreement they had with the Asian giant NetEase since 2008, which is why it is forced to close the servers of his games in the country.

But, it seems, this situation is not simply due to a mere disagreement, since everything indicates that the negotiations have gone worse than expected. Blizzard and NetEase have not commented on the conversations they have had in recent months, but the recent Destruction of a World of Warcraft statue located in one of the offices of the Asian company invites us to think that something has gone really wrong in this deal attempt.

As you can see in the tweet located above, NetEase has started a streaming through the official channel of Naraka Bladepoint to show how they disassemble the World of Warcraft figure little by little. And this does not end here, because the TikTok channel ChaikingNDS has shared a recording in which several people are not only observed destroying the statue, but are also rewarded with a special green tea called “Blizzard Green Tea”. And what is special about this? Well, as explained in VGCin Chinese social networks the term “Green Tea Bitch” has been popularized to refer to a person who seems innocent, but is really a hypocriteso there are many who consider that this movement is another attack on the creators of World of Warcraft.

Blizzard would have canceled a mobile game in collaboration with NetEase

These frictions with the Asian giant are not new, since it seems that from NetEase they consider that Blizzard acted badly when negotiating an extension of the previously mentioned agreement. while trying to carry out partnerships with other companies. In addition, in the summer of 2022 we echoed some information that pointed out that Blizzard would have canceled a mobile game in collaboration with NetEaseso the relationship between the two companies is at a delicate moment.