Boe. Song contest in Agenais is back

the essential
23rd edition of the International Song Contest in Agenais will take place on March 4 in Boé. During the event, a tribute will be paid to Roger Louret.

This is soon the 23rd edition of the competition organized by the Organizing Committee of the International Song Contest in Agenais or CICA. “The ambition is to perpetuate this competition and to make it a significant and recognized cultural moment. A tribute will be paid to Roger Louret, this exceptional artist who was to be present and who left us recently”, declared the president of the jury and the organizers at the press conference last Monday.

88 candidates of all ages and backgrounds will perform over two days on Saturday March 4 from 1:30 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. and Sunday March 5 from 1:30 p.m. to 6 p.m. at the François-Mitterrand cultural space. Come in large numbers to encourage them: last year, more than 400 people attended these two exceptional days.

Béatrice Costantini, actress and singer, will be the president of the jury for the 2023 edition. The jury is made up of professionals from the world of music: Gabriel Sarrou-Vergnac, Stéphanie Dumouch, Sylvain Reverte, Jonathan Bernède, Bruno Berberes.

Many stars known to the general public have participated in this competition: Stéphane Rizon (“The Voice”), Inès (“The Voice Kids 5”), Caroline Costa (musical comedy “Robin Hood”), Chimène Badi and many others !

The International Song Contest in Agenais is organized in partnership with Bruno Berberes, casting director and artistic director of the show “The Voice” and “The Voice Kids”, Eurovision destination and musicals.

As such, Bruno Berberes, present during the 2022 edition, will be there again in 2023 and will select candidates for “The Voice” or to participate in the casting of musicals. This competition is the first of the year 2023 and is a component of the selection tests for “The Voice” and “The Voice Kids”.

For this 2023 edition, the winners invited to the poster on Saturday and Sunday after the candidates’ auditions and during the jury’s deliberations will be Arnaud Vermeil, 3 times winner, Virginie Menou, ACI winner, the Energy group with Hugo Casonoto, 2022 winner, and Sonia Quesada, “The Voice 2022”, winner of the competition.

The costs

More than €5,000 in prizes spread over 15 winners, AICOM internships, studio recordings, vocal microphone packs, etc., are up for grabs. Like every year, the public prize, the jury prize and the encouragement prize will be awarded.

Entrance pass at 10 € for the weekend. Information: 06 11 44 ​​87 60.