Bollywood stars’ anger over dead bodies of people found in Ganga river, attributed to system

Bollywood stars’ anger over dead bodies of people found in Ganga river, attributed to system

Every day many bodies are found in the Ganges river between Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. In the last few days, several bodies have been found in the Ganges around Baksar and Ghazipur. The matter caught up with the fact that apart from Patna High Court, Union Water Power Minister Gajendra Singh Shekhawat has taken cognizance. At the same time, Bollywood stars are also surprised by the constant human bodies found in the Ganges. At the same time, the government has been held responsible for this.

On Wednesday, Bollywood’s famous singer and actor Farhan Akhtar reacted to the bodies being found in the Ganges. He attributed the incident to the incident. Farhan Akhtar while speaking on Twitter has said that a bad system is responsible for this.

The actor wrote in his tweet, ‘The news of bodies coming and flowing on the rivers and coming to shore is constantly coming out and it is definitely heartbreaking. One day the virus will definitely be lost, but for such flaws, the accountability in the system must be fixed. Until this happens, the chapter of the epidemic will not end.

Actress Parineeti Chopra has also expressed grief over the dead bodies of people being found in the Ganges. He wrote on his official Twitter account, ‘This epidemic has exposed the worst face of humanity. The corpses that were floating, they were ever alive, they were someone’s mother, daughter, father, or son. How would you feel if your body was found on the banks of the river or if you saw your mother’s body floating on the river? Can’t even think..Haiwan ‘.

Actress Urmila Matondkar has also reacted to the incident. He wrote in his tweet, ‘More than 100 dead bodies of suspected Kovid were dumped in the Ganges. Sad .. great. Beyond belief … ‘ Actor Javed Jaffrey also shared the news on Twitter, writing, ‘This is sad and frightening. Apart from these, many other Bollywood stars have given their reaction to the bodies being found in the Ganges.

Let us tell you that in addition to more than 70 dead bodies found along the banks of the Ganges in Ballia, Ghazipur, Hamirpur, Uttar Pradesh adjoining Buxar in the state of Bihar, the process of meeting other bodies is continuing.

After seeing a large number of dead bodies simultaneously, the local administration dug pits from the JCB and buried all the bodies. Prior to this, a sample of several dead bodies was sampled for testing. The health department of Baker district had also conducted a postmortem of several bodies at the request of the administration.