Bollywood veteran actress Shashikala passed away

Bollywood veteran actress Shashikala passed away, departs from the world in 88 years

Bollywood veteran actress Shashikala breathed her last after being more than eighty years old. It was an afternoon stroke on 4 April. Sasikala had been in ill-health for a long period, so she stopped working on the screen.

On the afternoon of 4 April, Bollywood actor Shashikala of 88 years passed away. Sasikala breathed her last at 12 noon. She has been ill for some time, and she has stopped working in movies and television serials in the last few years.

As a lead actress in the film, I played both the villain and the heroine.

It was Shashikala, who belongs to the Marathi family, whose full name was ‘Sasikala Javalkar’. Sasikala was one of the people his time who was both a heroine as well as a villain. Due to his death, there has been a wave of grieving affecting the entire industry.

Worked in more than 100 films over the course of her career.

Sasikala, who has worked on hundreds of films, was born on 4 August 1932 in Solapur. Sasikala’s first film was ‘Zeenat’ which was released in 1945. It was reported that Sasikala was paid 25 rupees for this film. After his successful film Zeenat, he worked in several renowned films like “Teen Batti Char Raasta” “Hamjoli”, “Sargam”, “Chori-Chori” “Neelkamal” “Anupama”.

She was also seen in TV shows

In addition to being involved in the film industry, Shashikala also acted in television, having played the role of Fruits grandma in the famous serial ‘Sonpari’. A few years ago, Sasikala last appeared in a movie titled Mujhse Shaadi Karogi, which was released in 2004. A year later, in the year 2007, he was awarded the Padma Shri by the Indian Government for his role in the biopic Salman Khan’s grandmother. He was named one of the top 10 actors in the country in 2007.