Book in hand, go on an online treasure hunt thanks to the imagination of this Ariège native

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Nathanaël Schaller, an Ariège native, is passionate about art and literature. He created a game related to a novel.

Dividing his life between the country of Olmes and Switzerland, this young man passionate about art is full of talents: jewelry, painting, design, etc. Almost ten years ago, when he was preparing, at Mirepoix high school, for studies in the artistic field, the graffiti artist left beautiful prints on the walls of the old station and his high school. Since then, he continues to multiply his pictorial creations and has also turned to the art of jewelry. We remember, in 2019, that he had created a jewel which had obtained the 3rd national prize in the “Future Prize for Crafts” competition.

Today, he shows a new facet of his imaginative spirit by unveiling his latest creation, a treasure hunt, a game called “Tempus Fugit” specially designed for the release of the book “The Mysteries of Apophis”. This novel is written by his father, Jean-Marie Schaller, in the historical thriller genre, published at the beginning of April this year. “This treasure hunt creates a participative event and reinforces the mysterious aura of the novel”, announces Nathanaël.

From reading to solving puzzles

Readers are invited to immerse themselves in the novel and take part in the adventure. The treasure hunt is entirely designed to be solved from home, with the book in your possession. The resolution of the twelve enigmas will open the door of the draw to get your hands on the treasure: the “Memoris Alchimia” chronograph, a unique gold watch themed according to the novel “The Mysteries of Apophis”. To overcome these mysterious texts and other hermetic drawings, the competitor will not have to move. Only his cleverness and his determination will allow him to solve the puzzles of “Tempus Fugit”. By offering this playful quest, Nathanaël invites the reader to enter the magical world of the “Mysteries of Apophis”.

In the world of watchmaking

Born in the Swiss Jura, Jean-Marie Schaller is passionate about watchmaking. This love allowed him to discover a forgotten heritage, that of Louis Moinet, inventor of the chronograph. Emblematic and mysterious character of the XIXand century, he had become a complete stranger in the 21stand century. The author has been fighting for twenty years to realize his dream: to pursue the incredible story of Louis Moinet. He offers this novel halfway between reality and his own imagination.

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