Boss incognito: the boss offers a new fixed-term contract to an employee already on a fixed-term contract, Internet users are ironic

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The show “Patron incognito” was back with new episodes, Monday evening on M6. A young fast-food employee moved Internet users. His boss, dressed up for the show, offered to renew his fixed-term contract.

Dye, glasses, false extra pounds: in “Patron incognito” everything is good to disguise the bosses who want to go unnoticed who go immersed in their business. Monday evening, viewers discovered Yves Hecker, 38, the founder of the brand “Les burgers de papa”. Founded in 2013, it has 45 points of sale in France including Roques-sur-Garonne, Montpellier and Lattes in Occitanie.

For the shoot, the boss went incognito to a franchised restaurant in Metz where he met Kylian, 19, who has been employed in the company for a month and a half. While Kevin does not know that he is participating in “Patron incognito”, the current quickly passes with “Manu” who is in fact its CEO. The young man confides in him and tells him about his childhood at home, the mockery because of his morphology or his difficulties.

Summoned at the end of the filming at the headquarters of the company, as the sequence of the show wants, Kylian discovers the doldrums: Manu was its CEO. “I spoke a lot with our franchise partner to talk about you. There were some absence problems. Today you are on a fixed-term contract, I pushed for us to continue working with you. I think that it will go through a new CDD that I will support and eventually, I hope, a CDI “, assures him the CEO Yves Hecker. At the same time, moved by the story of the young man, he offered to be his surety to find an apartment, which put Kylian in an embarrassment. He even gave her a guitar which made the young man burst into tears.

Having a new CDD and not directly a CDI, Kylian was happy, but the situation challenged many Internet users who quipped about the situation.

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– Peanut. (@ Cacahut92457225) January 10, 2022

At the end of the show, we learned that Kylian was ultimately no longer with the company since filming. He left at the end of his CDD. “Kylian has no benchmarks. He does not understand that not to come 2 weekends in a row without working and come back the following Monday as if nothing had happened, it is not possible”, explains Yves Hecker at TV-Leisure. Asked by the television magazine, Kylian explains his departure by “many personal concerns”.

He nevertheless keeps in touch with Kylian who has found work in a restaurant where he became a waiter. He got a permanent contract for which his trial period ends in a month. And probably still plays the guitar.