Brigitte Macron accused of being a man: why a Norman couple find themselves at the heart of the “Trogneux affair”

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Two women, who had spread rumors about Brigitte Macron, were tried on Tuesday January 10 at the Lisieux court. Both had assured that the First Lady was in fact a man and that she had not carried her children.

Rumors that had caused a lot of ink to flow. Part of the “Trogneux” case was tried on Tuesday January 10 at the Lisieux court. Two women were to respond to a complaint for defamation. They notably accused Brigitte Macron of being a man, as reported by Ouest-France.

It all started when a “medium” and an “independent journalist” posted a four-hour video on YouTube aimed at demonstrating that Brigitte Macron was in fact a transgender man named Jean-Michel Trogneux.

In addition, the “journalist” claimed that the First Lady had not carried her children but that they were in fact the fruit of a previous relationship with Catherine Auzière, wife of her uncle by marriage. Following this, the Auzière couple filed a complaint for defamation.

“We are in the process of filing a complaint”

During the hearing, their lawyers notably proved that Catherine, accused of having carried the children of Brigitte Macron, was indeed traveling during the birth of the children of the First Lady. Following the hearing, the couple demanded 20,000 euros in damages. In this case, Brigitte Macron, her brother and her children are civil parties. The verdict should be handed down on February 14.

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At the same time, on November 7, the Twitter account “Le journal de la macronie” launched the hashtag #JeanMichelTrogneux which gathered more than 65,000 mentions. Faced with this, Brittitte Macron filed a complaint. “We are in the process of filing a complaint: it’s a little long because you need the screenshots, you need all of the comments reported,” she said on the TF1 set on the 11th. last January.