Brigitte Macron: this habit that makes Emmanuel Macron moan every morning at breakfast

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Brigitte Macron confided in the morning routine of the President of the Republic at breakfast.

8 p.m. from TF1, interview in Le Parisien: Brigitte Macron is in the media this week to support the launch of the Yellow Pieces operation intended to improve the daily lives of hospitalized children and adolescents.

During the meeting with readers of the Parisian daily, Brigitte Macron makes an astonishing confidence on the breakfast of Emmanuel Macron. She is the one who prepares it and the menu is not to the taste of the president. “I’m very fruity so I make him two oranges with a lemon”, details the wife of the Head of State. She continues: “It makes him moan every morning but I also add a kiwi to him”. Obviously, Emmanuel Macron is not a fan of kiwis. He completes his breakfast with lemon tea, cereals and cottage cheese.

Brigitte Macron explains that her husband “eats little in the morning”. Brigitte Macron, she eats more. She indicates eating sandwiches and cheese “otherwise I can’t stand it”.

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During this same interview, Brigitte Macron explains how to cook and love it. “I watch Marmiton and I take the simplest, fastest recipes”.

It also happens to Emmanuel Macron to cook. “When it’s the president who does the cooking, it’s more intellectual. That is to say, it’s always a complicated dish”. Is the result good on the plate? “It’s very elaborate,” she replies, bursting out laughing.