Brittany Murphy’s death remains the strangest in Hollywood, but the HBO documentary takes the intrigue to another level

The shocking death of the actress and also her husband, Simon Monjack, in just five months is still considered one of the most intriguing and strange cases in Hollywood 13 years later.

On December 20, the 13th anniversary of the death of Brittany Murphy, the unforgettable and talented American actress who captivated Hollywood at just 18 years old with her work in the also unforgettable Out of the Wave (Clueless) and to which, although he left too quickly, he had time to leave other memorable performances.

Brittany Murphy was just 32 years old when she passed away with a lifetime and career ahead of her. The unexpected news of her death completely shocked the industry and even more so when the strange circumstances around which her death had occurred were known. Brittany’s mother, Sharon Murphy, had called the Los Angeles Fire Department in desperation that morning for help from medical services: his daughter had passed out in the bathroom And they couldn’t revive her. When the emergency services arrived at the house They found her in cardiac arrest and took her to the nearest medical center, where she died two hours later.

The autopsy carried out would rule that the young actress had died of pneumonia as the main cause, but exacerbated by anemia and the misuse of various prescription drugs. A result that quickly caught the attention of the media and public opinion, who couldn’t help but wonder how such a young woman could have died of pneumonia and, if she was sick, why hadn’t she gone or been taken to the doctor to be properly treated? .

Brittany Murphy also did not live alone: ​​at her home at the time of her death was her husband Simon Monjack, whom she had married two years earlier, and her mother Sharon, who had always lived with the actress. Both acknowledged that the actress had come back sick from a trip to Puerto Rico, specifically from the filming of what would have been her last film but from which she was fired from when her husband showed up drunk making a scandal on the set . As the family explained, Brittany had had symptoms of flu and laryngitis since then that she had been treating herself and did not want to visit the doctor.

Just five months after Brittany’s death, the world would be shocked by the passing of Simon Monjack. The writer had been found dead in the same house that they both shared and in which he continued to live with the actress’s mother and the cause of death would surprise everyone again: pneumonia and anemia. In just five months, both members of a couple had passed away and the cause of death had been the same.

The shocking case of the death of Brittany Murphy and her husband Simon Monjack is still considered one of the most intriguing and bizarre deaths in Hollywood 13 years later and is the subject of an interesting HBO Max documentary series, What happened to Brittany Murphy?which is available in the platform’s catalog.

A documentary that summarizes everything that is known about the strange event in just two hours and that, from the hand of a lot of archival material and numerous testimonies from people close to the couple, colleagues, the directors with whom he had worked in recent years and experts of all kinds, dissects a case that goes far beyond being just bizarre. The case of the death of Brittany Murrphy is one of the great unsolved mysteries of Hollywood and knowing each and every detail makes it an even more intriguing event.

Murder? Accidental poisoning? Chance? The inexplicable cause of Britanny Murphy’s death did not take long to provoke a wave of rumors and suspicions that quickly spread around her husband: Simon Monjack.

As the documentary spends a lot of time exposing the actress had lost an enormous amount of weight and was extremely thin before her death, the image her mother and husband had given to the press after her death had been a bit strange – many pointed out that they looked like a couple and not mother-in-law and son-in-law and it was known that they slept together- and, to top it off, Simon Monjack had requested that his wife’s body not be autopsied. Likewise, it did not take long for it to be put on the table that Brittany Murphy had been very absent since she began dating Monjack, that her attitude on set had changed, that she had already You couldn’t talk to her if you didn’t contact her husband directly. and also that he had all kinds of debts and very well kept secrets of which not even the actress herself was aware. Even Monjack’s ex-partner and mother of his secret son agrees to contribute to the documentary.

Suspicions about Murphy’s husband built up for months but, When Monjack died at his home on May 23, 2010, the spotlight quickly began looking for another cause. At that time there was talk of a toxic mold that would be in the house, but the health authorities ruled it out, and also The theory that the couple had been poisoned gained strength.

However, without indications or solid or suspicious evidence, the death of Brittany Murphy and Simon Monjack would be closed as an accidental occurrence. A strange coincidence that the actress’s father has always denounced as hiding a murder behind it, but whose evidence to prove it – the presence of heavy metals in the actress’s hair – has been dismissed. A tragic event full of unanswered questions that the HBO documentary is capable of taking to another level.