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Sons of the Forest bases its premise on survive the hordes of cannibals and mutants that try to kill us, without forgetting that at the same time we have to take care that our levels of hunger, thirst or rest do not reduce our stamina (and we can regenerate health by maximizing them).

However, settling on the island in a way somewhat more permanent thanks to the structures that we can build with our notebook does not respond only to an aesthetic or setting issue. It will also help us to have a place to shelter from the cold, or from the attacks of our enemies. I explain how does this mechanic work of the Endnight Games title.

How to build in Sons of the Forest

Although initially we can only build a basic shelter With the synthetic canvas and a few sticks (plus reinforcing the campfire) if we get to work cutting down trees or collecting slightly larger stones we will soon be able to start building more robust structures that better protect us from the environment.

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The survival notebook that we acquire by opening the emergency kit bag at the beginning of the game contains the instructions to be able to make ourselves a good number of constructions; from simple torches to illuminate our land to how to make the different parts of a cabin.

The game building system it is quite flexible and it allows us to build a good number of structures using mainly sticks and logs. To toggle between the different possibilities of using a construction material -if it has several- just click the right mouse button.

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It is also interesting to note that the survival notebook has two modes of construction that we can alternate with the X button of the keyboard and that offer different options and modes of construction; let’s detail them.

creative build mode

It is the default mode in which we see the notebook. In it we are presented with the instructions and steps to follow to achieve a series of basic constructions. Apart from the parts that make up a cabin, there are also instructions for making fires, basic defenses such as walls or pikes, torches and other tools. It depends on our planning doing them one way or anotherand our expertise to calculate well the height of the logs that we place to make a structure.

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Sometimes it will be necessary shorten the end of one of the logs a little with an ax so that it has the correct height; we generally have to take slopes into account if we build on uneven ground (a slope). It can be somewhat more cumbersome, but gives greater freedom than the other mode of construction.

Template build mode

In this mode, the constructions that we can do are others, but we will not be able to use them all anywhere. The advantage is that it is more automated than the previous one and allows us to quickly combine various structures if we do not want to have to fight with the terrain, or precisely cut the logs that we are going to use.

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we just have to ”plant” the structure somewhere and its silhouette will appear on the already fixed screen. Then, it will be necessary to take the materials to the place where we are building it and put them in automatically until you finish “mounting” it. Likewise, we will not get rid of having to make several trips to complete any structure, and not only those that require logs. Those made with sticks also exceed the limit that we can carry, but Kelvin is for something also when it comes to bringing us what we need.

Where is best to build in Sons of the Forest

When building any construction we must take into account various factors: the slope of the place (if any) proximity to cannibal camps or their regeneration points, if there are sources of food or water nearby so as not to have to make many trips to get supplies, if it is a clearing area -clear of trees- or if we want to do it deep in the forest, if it’s in the mountains or not…

As a last resort it depends a lot on your style of game. Personally, I think it’s best to try to do it in a clearing. I have observed that cannibals tend to follow us less into open areas (besides that it is easier to see them coming), and it is even possible to create them in areas with shallow lakes; like mutants, they don’t seem to like water very much.

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the hard thing is get the materials since there are not many trees in those areas, you may have to take a walk to the forest to get firewood, not to mention the fact that there are game animals and fish to ensure our livelihood beyond what we find for boxes of supplies either let’s steal from the cannibals in their camps.

Alternatively, the beaches are also a place where there is not much traffic, and they have the advantage that due to the flatness of the land you can build the cabin in a creative way without having to excessively cut the logs for the house. or the palisades; an element that I recommend that you always build at the beginning. As a final piece of advice, try building a repair tool. will serve for make amends what aggressive NPCs can do to your structures; and it will always be better than trying to build it all over again.

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if you have other doubts About the game, you can check our other guides on Sons of the Forest. A game that even in its Early Access has been very successful, and in part thanks to its sometimes hilarious, sometimes frustrating, player ally NPC, Kelvin.