Bull Key Eye movie download by the website Filmywap

Bull Key Eye movie download by the website Filmywap

This film is a biographical documentary on India’s two oldest sharpshooters, Chandra Tomar and Prakash Tomar. The audience is given a good and inspirational message in the movie. The story is primarily set in the rural habitat of western Uttar Pradesh.

Chandra (Bhoomi Pednekar) and Prakash (Tapasi Pannu) are cousins. Who does not like the patriarchal society of the village, however, is nurtured in such a way that he becomes subject to the situation and takes some time for himself. Chandra and Prakash realize they have marksmanship skills when they are 60 years old.

Bull Key Eye movie download

Hence, Yashpal (Vineet Kumar Singh), who has turned from being a doctor to an assassin, assists him. Several medals have been won by Chandra and Prakash in several championships. However, the hobby Chandra and Prakash are involved in is not appreciated by her family and the village man.

Moons and shining success story of the struggle and ‘bull’s eye’ rural milieu overview of the inception Tushar Hiranandani, director of the film, viewers better understand the structure of the village community.

The color of the women’s scarf is often used to identify whether she is a woman. As Bhumi says to her newlyweds during one scene, they should stay at home and wear an elaborate color veil.

In order to maintain a clear boundary between men and women, Tapasi and Bhumi feel comforted in their role as a shooter grandmother.

The film’s headliner looks like the father of a young girl called Shruti, and her character, Prakash Zai, plays her as a villain.

In addition, viewers have liked the one song from the film, ‘Womania’, and the flying goose song, ‘Flying Pheasant’. It’s great to hear the dialogue of the film as well, but most of all, it’s the prosthetic makeup that makes people take notice.