Calls movie download by the website Tamilrockers

Calls movie download by the website Tamilrockers

She works in a call center in Chennai. Her name is Nandini ( Wije Chitra ). Since he is at risk of losing his job for not being able to reach the target, he contacted a number of his customers asking them to change their internet plans. However, that’s not what is happening.

It is typical for a family film about a father, mother, and daughter to lose interest by introducing unnecessary characters. This film also features a medical crime case and a woman’s situation in which she has been hurt because of her own actions.

Aside from a revenge angle, there is a comedy angle that attempts to make the film more enjoyable. The film’s twists are rather poor reasons for failing to provide enjoyment

As Wije Chitra has been realized as an actor he has been acting. However, it did not lend a hand to the film. It tests the patience of those who come to see the film as it drags on without directly saying what the film intended to convey.

The monotonous characters don’t stand out in the mind. Weak characters, an uninspiring plot, spoiled the film. Taemin Ansari’s music played only as a side effect of the film.