Can my PC move Forspoken? The origin of the Crysis meme that has come back to life with the requirements of the Square Enix game – Forspoken

It seemed impossible to take the baton from crisisthe ambitious work of crytek who tried to mark a paradigm as to “the games of the future” it means. Nevertheless, 16 years later, an adventure set in a fantastic world signed by one of the most important Japanese companies in the field, seeks its place in history. And after wow the world with amazing minimum degree requirementsit seems that the story that began with crisis Y crytek will be repeated with Forspoken Y Square Enixthe first two protagonists of a 2023 full of adventure and action games.

When the title from the German firm debuted in 2007, a meme that all computer gamers know became popular: “Is your PC capable of running Crysis?”. To this day, some teams cannot handle the Crytek titan, a work made for demonstrate the power of CryEngine 2 who, along the way, was able to make his place in the history books of the medium thanks to his virtues. And, after seeing the demands and requirements that Square Enix demands for get the most out of Forspokenit seems that the events are doomed to repeat.

The power of Crysis scares more than fifteen years later

Crytek wanted to create a benchmark for its graphics engine

When the first delivery of the crisis saga hit the market, the eyes of the industry in general and PC gamers in particular were focused on that proposal. With a “spirit of technical claim” by flag, the team after the game sought to amaze the sector with an experience capable of functioning as technical demonstration and as a video game. Fruit of this intention was born the first crisisa title with special emphasis on the different dynamics of the environment and the possibilities of its physics engine.


For this reason, the study chose to choose the PC as single platforma maneuver with which they sought to mark the paradigm of the games of the future since they wanted this to be a Referrer throughout the life of the graphics engine. Unfortunately, the features of the PCs of that time led many to ensure that Crysis was a game “poorly optimized”, a stigma that followed him until a few years ago due to the “fault” of the Crytek’s ambitious vision.

However, time and the passing of the years have been able to reward the first installment of Crysis now that many teams and devices are able to see its virtues. Therefore, when Forspoken’s demanding minimum requirements were revealed, many users remembered what happened with Crysis and were quick to update a meme that is close to coming of age: “Is your PC able to move Forspoken”.

Forspoken seeks to be a spearhead of the new generation

For the colleagues of the German portal GameStar, the high demands of Forspoken have a reason: the Square Enix title seeks to be one of the spearheads of the new generation. For this reason, the Japanese firm chose to demand more than 150 GB of free space on the hard drive, a measure within the reach of very few proposals. In addition, they also emphasized the 24GB RAMthe use of a RTX 3070 either RX 6700XT and the need for a processor Intel i-7 8700K either AMD Ryzen 5 3600 for all those who wish to play 1440p and 30fpsone of the favorite configurations of users with more demanding equipment.


Forspoken seeks its place along with other technical wonders

In view of these requirements, users remembered what happened with Crysis and comparisons with it were not long in coming. However, what is hidden behind the demands of Luminous Productions is the search to be a title that can hold its own within several years. Therefore, Forspoken will try to integrate that list made up of the multi-mentioned Crysis or other works of lesser importance such as The Order 1886 either Ryse: Son of Rome that, despite the passing of the years and the succession of different controversies, they continue to be a technical marvel many years later. To find out if he finally succeeds, we will have to wait until the next January 24date on which Forspoken will reach pc Y PS5.

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