Can we laugh at everything? Answer this weekend in the Tarn with comedian Arnaud Demanche

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Saturday January 21, Arnaud Demanche, the first comedian to have joined the morning show of RMC, will open the year 2023 of Albi Rire at the Théâtre des Lices.

After 18 years of writing for television, radio and the web, comedian Arnaud Demanche has decided to devote himself fully to the stage with his one-man show, “Faut qu’on parle!” “. A show that he has been running since 2018 in France. Meeting with the comedian before his only date in the Tarn, Saturday January 21 in Albi.

After writing for others for a long time, you took the step of the one-man-show in 2018. What motivated you to get on stage?

I wrote for others, because I wanted to do the scene and I only found this way to penetrate this environment. I found it easier. In my head, I did not see myself at 21 starting to rent a theater. For me, it was a grown-up thing. I still had a very adolescent relationship to life and that seemed completely impossible to me. I said to myself, to enter this milieu, start writing for others. And one thing leading to another, I grew up in this profession. The creation with two friends of the “Gérard du cinema” and television, brought me on stage. And that’s when I started to like it.

What remains of all these years of working behind the scenes in your one-man show?

There remains a know-how, but also the desire to laugh at the news. In writing for others, I worked a lot with Nicolas Canteloup. I still enjoy talking about the world today. That’s what the salt of my show does. He speaks of freedom of expression, of “can we laugh at everything? “, of” could Coluche and Desproges do, today, what they did at the time? ”, of the stranglehold of the billionaires on the media, of overpopulation, of the energy transition and of the social networks which tend to isolate people in small groups. On the internet, we argue a lot more than we talk to each other, it’s no secret. But reconciliation is possible (laughs). Just because you don’t belong to a group doesn’t mean you can’t be empathetic. But I also talk about the time I had sex with a girl and there was a dog watching us. We are going to sweep very wide (laughs).

Your one-man-show has been running since 2018, are you going to adapt it to the Albigensian public on Saturday?

There are substantive issues that do not move and sketches that move over the news. The show is constantly renewed. I will surely make jokes about the Albigenses there. But, I will try not to offend them and maybe even say intelligent things, after all it will be my first time in Albi. And it’s serious for the first time (laughs).

The one-man-show “We need to talk! can be discovered on Saturday January 21 at 8:30 p.m. at the Théâtre des Lices. From 20 euros.