Carcassonne. A film-concert today to restore the desire to go to the cinema

This Saturday, January 15, the International Political Film Festival invites the public to come and experience a film-concert, via the screening of the film 1984 at 10:45 a.m. at the Odeum.

A meeting produced by Jonction Label, with music composed and adapted by Monotone lac syndicate, featuring the duo Franck Nizier / Franck Hasslauer.

The cine-concert, which combines cinema and music, is a full-fledged live show whose music is played live by one or more musicians during the screening of the film, which allows you to feel the emotion in the deepest.

1984 is the first film adaptation of George Orwell’s novel, directed in 1956 by Michael Anderson.

This anticipation and philosophical novel describes a totalitarian world in a dystopian future: a world gone wrong in which people are not happy, where certain thoughts or attitudes are interpreted as a form of rebellion.

In this scathing counter-utopia, Orwell offers a reflection on the ruin of man through the confiscation of thought and the proliferation of technocracy. All pleasures are prohibited for the benefit of the ”Big Brother” cult, and the citizen is subject to permanent surveillance which prevents any private life.

Finally, let us quote Orwell himself in 1984 : “Outside of work, everything will be prohibited, walking in the streets, having fun, singing, dancing…”