Carcassonne. The actors and jurors Zinedine Soualem and Idir Azougli put themselves “in the shoes of a lambda spectator”

the essential
One has more than a hundred films on the counter. The other starts a promising career. Actors Zinedine Soualem and Idir Azougli are members of the fiction jury of the Carcassonne international political film festival. Interview.

As jurors, did you want to know as little as possible or on the contrary, you sought information on films and directors?

Zinedine : I didn’t prepare myself at all. I only know that I’m about to see films with a societal dimension, with a background. Films that question, question. And that speaks of today’s society. This is what made me want to come.

Idir: It’s a bit the same for me. I was contacted somewhat at the last second. What pushed me to say yes, is that in the programming, there are films that I was planning to go see at the cinema like Goliath and State Scandal. What’s more, I played in one of the films screened but not in competition: According to the police. Film that we shot partly in the City of Carcassonne!

What do you expect from the films you are going to see?

Zinedine : When I have to judge a film, I don’t expect anything from it at the start. I’m going to see it by putting myself in the shoes of a lambda spectator. I notice if it inspires me and touches me, if it’s well played… Like when I go to the cinema alone.

Idir: Already, you should know that this is the first time that I am part of a jury. It’s an honor at my age (26). To judge the films, I think I’ll focus on the acting, the emotions it gives me… Since for the moment, it’s the only thing I know.

What are your upcoming projects ?

Zinedine : On January 20, the series will be released on TF1 such a long night with in particular Mathilde Seigner, Sayyid El Alami and Jean-Pierre Daroussin. Then, in April, Mohammed Hamidi’s film Citizen of Honor should be released in cinemas with Kad Mérad, among others. Two other feature films will be released later this year.

Idir: I acted in a film which will be released in April: L’Été l’éternité. This is the very first feature film by director Émilie Aussel. According to the police will be released in theaters on February 23.