Castelnaudary. Matt Dave, back to basics

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Music. He returns to electro pop with a new single.

He made a real hit this summer in countries of Hispanic culture and as far as Latin America with his title “Privado”, in warm and sunny colors. He surprised his audience but here he comes back to what he loves… Matt Dave, our DJ chaurien, releases a new track and finds the universe of electro pop which is his. A hot new single, straight from the decks.


With “Otherside” (Editor’s note: to listen to on musical platforms), he hopes to be followed by big radios, given the first more than encouraging returns which have already been reserved for him. Many are even surprised that it is not yet the case “so much this piece is top”. On the pro side, big names are encouraging him. Alok, Brazilian DJ of international renown who “hits” and who is one of the biggest festivals in the world, congratulated him and even promised him that he would support the song while asking him to keep him informed of its latest news. A great pride for our young Chaurien, who is becoming more professional and taking care of his communication. With fewer dates, fewer evenings once again linked to the crisis, he had more time to meet in the studio and work. He is also investing in a new studio, with even more efficient equipment and good insulation, intends to invite artists who come to the region.


With the start of the school year, he resumed radio broadcasts, working with BNR Berlin, an electro radio station on which he can be found live every Saturday evening. For now, it’s in audio, soon in video – it will be for January if his studio is finished. Matt Dave has also taken over podcasts and is already preparing for the summer season. Two, three phone calls a day to set dates in discotheques, festivals, village festivals. “For two weeks, it has not stopped with already stalled evenings at the end of August. Despite the Covid, we see that people want to have fun”. He says he is also targeting abroad, recontacted the Polish program which invited him when his song “For me” remained n ° 1 for several weeks. It is also of interest to a specialized Canadian media. In short, it looks pretty good, even very good!

Successful bets

With “Privado”, he wanted to surprise and it was successful. What Matthieu also wanted was something dancing, festive in these austere periods of health crisis. Also successful!

Still, at this moment, without dates, many artists, during the successive confinements, have created a lot and launched new songs. “We find ourselves today with many, many titles on the market. It is all the more difficult to break through. You really have to stand out.”