Castelsarrasin. More than ten centuries to the sound of organs with Marcel Pérès

the essential
The two exceptional organs of the abbey of Moissac vibrated under the talented fingers of the organist Marcel Pérès.

The Organum association has made the Moissagais abbey space a real civilizational and musical crossroads, at the break between late antiquity and the stammering Middle Ages. Symbol of this transition, the famous organ of the year 1000, a reproduction of which has been watching discreetly above the large leaves of the Saint-Pierre abbey since 2002. An instrument symbol of a new millennium which opened Benedictine in Moissac, in southern outpost of the powerful Cluny. The baroque sophistication accumulated over the following centuries can be seen, imposing, in front of the priest’s pulpit. The Cavaillé-Coll organ, overhauled in 1865, tipped the abbey ensemble into the Romantic era. Marcel Pérès, a great specialist in sacred and ancient music with the Organum association, but also emeritus organist, made the pipes of the two organs vibrate on this last Sunday of Advent, for a musical journey through time spanning more than ten centuries. of celebration of the Magnificat at vespers which accompanies the seven days before Christmas. The first part alternates between light but penetrating flutials played on the organ of the year 1000 and the human voice, like a journey from dusk to dawn, in this Christmas of the origins still tinged with paganism. When Marcel Pérès then tackles, in a thunderous second part, the Magnificat of Christmas vespers on the Cavaillé-Coll organ, seven centuries, ours included, will slip into a complexification which culminates in the baroque and classical ages. and romantic, before the slow contemporary harmonic deconstruction. Much more than at a rare moment of musical grace, Marcel Pérès also invited the public to this educational exploration of the ages, with this noble instrument which does not accompany the vocalist but dialogues with him. The organ, at the same time mineral, vegetable and animal, remains one of the most successful symbols of this desire for elevation of the human being towards its creator.