Casting: the program “Nightmare in the kitchen” arrives in Aveyron

the essential
On the occasion of the 12th season of the show “Cauchemar en cuisine”, broadcast on M6 with chef Philippe Etchebest, the production is looking for restaurateurs from Aveyron!

Philippe Etchebest, the media and undoubtedly charismatic starred chef at the head of the show “Cauchemar en cuisine” for 12 years is back in 2023.

The production of the show, broadcast on M6, is thus looking for restaurateurs “having difficulties and who would be interested in receiving the Chef’s advice”. Interested restaurateurs wishing to participate in the show can apply by email via the address [email protected] or contact the 06 70 17 35 14.

The concept of the show is simple: chef Philippe Etchebest helps restaurant owners in difficulty. He analyzes the situation and all the elements of the establishment before proposing solutions which may concern the equipment of the restaurant, the menu or the staff. The show, now cult, allows viewers to discover, sometimes with horror and amazement, behind the scenes of a restaurant!

If the dates of the shooting are, for the time being, not yet determined, the latter should take place during the year 2023.