Castres. A musical return without false notes for the Friends of the Organs

For the Association of Friends of the Organs of the parish of Sainte Emilie de Villeneuve de Castres, the year 2023 has started as it should… in music, in particular with the Epiphany Festival on January 7 and the organization of a family concert, coordinated with the AFC Tarn Sud, which made it possible to resonate the organ from the beginning of the 20th century on a Puget base, in the well-balanced plenum of the church of St Jean St Louis. A total of 21 musicians, singers and soloists aged 8 to 80 offered a magnificent musical time gathered around the adoration of the Magi and the Holy Family!

Finance research

This year again, this association needs your support with in mind, a CD recording by Frédéric Deschamps on all the instruments of the parish. “We are looking for funding! In addition, a website in progress will nicely illustrate our organs on the web, and highlight this local heritage!”, said Florence Jaud, president of the Friends of the Organs of the parish of Ste Emilie de Villeneuve.

Upcoming, three concerts in the Octave of Easter: Monday April 10 at 4 p.m., at the Notre-Dame de la Platé church with an organ and flute concert by Frédéric Deschamps and Florence Jaud. Free admission, participation desired. On Sunday April 16, at 4 p.m. at the Notre-Dame de la Platé church, there will be an organ concert performed by Yves Gourinat, accompanied by the small choir of the Notre-Dame Étoile du Matin parish. Free admission, participation desired. Finally, on Sunday April 30 at 4 p.m., at the St-Hippolyte de La Griffoul church, a violin, flute and organ concert will be performed by Camille Calvayrac, Florence Jaud and Yves Gourinat. Free admission, participation desired.