‘Chainsaw Man’ hosts his first major death and fans applaud his adaptation

Chainsaw Man is at the gates of finishing what would be its first season, or being positive, the first part of the first season since it consists of 10 episodes and the eighth title has just been broadcast ‘Shooting’ (1×08) where there has been the first and important death of all anime.

From this moment on and after finishing off the Eternity Demon and Denji having received his rather grotesque first kiss, the Devil Hunters have had to face a new Demon that has ended the life of one of them.

After that unheard of kiss, Denji made a pact with Himeno to help him flirt with Makima. Unfortunately, things took a substantial turn for the worse when a gang pursues the group and shoots Makima in the back of the head and similarly killing several of her allies.

‘Chainsaw Man’ fans are outraged by the censorship of one of the most disgusting scenes in the manga (but there is an explanation)

Unlike their comrades, however, a much more terrifying threat awaited Denji, Aki, Power, and Himeno with the arrival of the katana demon, who has the same quirk as Denji. He reveals that he is a relative of the Yakuza who had kept Denji under his control for a long time.

After a fierce fight, everything is in the hands of Himeno who made the last sacrifice in an attempt to save her lover, giving his entire body to his Ghost Demon. But a mysterious girl makes her sacrifice in vain. Many fans who had already read Tatsuki Fujimoto’s manga have applauded this adaptation, in addition to commenting that it is one of the saddest moments in the anime so far:

Remember that Chainsaw Man It is released in our country by Crunchyroll at the same time that it is broadcast in Japan.