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Despite the fact that Marvel Snap has been playable for several months, officially not finished. It is worth that the game is accessible by anyone who wants to try it, start playing, expand their collection, or get the current season pass to don’t go so far in terms of unlocked cards and deck-building options.

But if we look at the game itself, it is true that the information you give us is very scant and we have to navigate through many screens of the program (either on the PC or on Android/iOS) to know the cards we have or our collection level. There is also no statistics page or section that shows us our victories and defeats or a way of reviewing old games.

But that has a solution thanks to Marvel Snap Trackera tool in beta phase, developed by fans, and that can be downloaded and used for free to help you follow that data that we have told you about. We tell you how to do it.

What is Marvel Snap Tracker?

As its own name indicates (in English), this application is a tool that is used to track the progress of our Marvel Snap accountand thus have a detailed record of our collection, global statistics, games playedand the way in which we have been obtaining cards and raising the collection level.

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Marvel Snap (

It works in conjunction with the website and is available only for PC (for now). If we install the application on our computer and successfully link our account we will be able to access a summary of our profile on the aforementioned web page that will give us detailed information on how many cards we have, how many we are missing or have not yet unlocked, a history of those unlocks, a breakdown of our decks and which ones are more effective.

We will even have a history of games in which we can select any of them and review turns to see where we failed or where we succeeded in said contest.

Game replays in Marvel Snap

Undoubtedly the most curious function is the game “replay” viewerbecause it can become something that helps us not only to show off our best plays but also to learn opponents moves depending on which deck or locations are in play.

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Marvel Snap (

By the time we start using the app, will be registered on the web our statistics and also the games that we are playing. From these we will see information such as the duration of the game, the time it was played, which cores we won, the name of our opponent, the deck used by us (along with its statistics) and a summary of the final result with the values ​​of power at each location.

If we go down a bit we can see the cards the opponent used and the web will offer us an estimate of what you might have had in your deck but didn’t play. A little further down we will find a representation of the spaces of each location according to the turn for which we can go back and forth to see how the game evolved.

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Marvel Snap (

How to install and use Marvel Snap Tracker

To get the application and start using it, the process is somewhat laborious but not complicated:

  • download the program from the front page of the Marvel Snap Zone website, or from this link authorized by the creators themselves hosted on
  • register on the website with an email, username and password (try to match your Marvel Snap username for clarity)
  • execute the application and on the first screen that you see you should click on the option Sync Account (or Waitting if you have already connected to the website and are waiting for your confirmation).
  • In your browser it will open a new tab or window that will ask you again to confirm that you want to link your Marvel Snap account with the one you have created on the web. Do it and you’re done.
  • you can see on the website the functions that we have previously mentioned.
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Problems trying to link accounts

First lose care for the legality of the program. It is just an application that will show you information about your collection and a record of your games; It does not carry any type of malware. yes it is possible Windows prevents you from opening it because it does not know the origin of the executable. If you pass an antivirus you will see that the file is clean.

Sometimes can happen that your account is not linked correctly. This may be mainly because the application libraries that Marvel Snap uses with Steam are not in the default folder. (C:\Users\User\AppData\LocalLow\Second Dinner\SNAP\Standalone\States). You have to specify to the program where they are installed Marvel Snap application data in the event that by default you install the contents referring to AppData in a different directory by clicking on “Settings” in the application and defining the program where they are exactly.

Marvel Snap: Tips for Beginners

remind you that this program is in beta phaseand it is likely that some functions such as the “viewer” or replay of games are not entirely accurate. But in most other features it works fine and you can safely use it to keep a detailed record of your career in the mobile game from the creators of Hearthstone.

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