Chhichhore movie download by the website 123movies

Chhichhore movie download by the website 123movie

One of the main aims of a popular movie is to amuse audiences. However, a film with a purpose that goes beyond pure entertainment is something more beneficial. Director Nitesh Tiwari’s comedy-drama “Chhichore” is one such movie.

There will be many references to something old in the movie, and everyone will relate something old to the movie.

You see this in your old days of college when you would talk about doing anything for friends, or whether it’s being able to parent, the pressure on learning, or even the ego between a divorced couple.

Chhichhore movie download

In the movie, Aniruddha (Sushant Singh Rajput) is the father of Mohammed Samad, who is bright and smart in his studies and has to overcome the pressure of getting selected for the entrance exam.

During the entrance exam for the entrance exam, Raghav is not selected and gets upset. He then jumps off the building and tries to commit suicide, which severely injures his brain. After committing suicide, he becomes a homeless person, homeless both mentally and physically.

Seeing his son slip through his fingers, Aniruddha yanks his daughter to the hostel she grew up in when it was an old men’s hostel, in order to save her.

As well as enmity between the parents, Mummy (Tushar Pandey), and the student Reji (Symbol Babbar) as well. Raghav’s body, in an unconscious state, seems to be responding to memories of Aniruddha. He gathers all these friends from his hostel.

Raghav watches Aniruddha, a former student of the institution, try to put off the label of a loser in the dormitory. The past story of Aniruddha makes Raghav’s condition worse. Will Aniruddha, his friends, and Maya be able to save Raghav in the future?

This is the story that the movie will tell you because Nitesh Tiwari is an incredibly sensitive director, and this is shown in his film “Chhichhore”.

He has depicted the atmosphere of the nineties in his painting well. The characters are colored by the little details of this time, like loose jeans, a Casio watch, a Reynolds pen, playboy magazines.

As the author of the film, he has well shown the pressure exerted on children to pass a medical examination or entrance.

I was deeply impressed by Maya’s inability to distinguish between a situation in a mental hospital and a situation Her mother provided for her the motivation to move to school. Therefore, she did not expect the medical school would require her at that moment.

However, he does not know what to do if he fails the exam. Nitesh’s writing works well with the current and the flashback scenes.

It is impossible not to be entertained by the comedic elements, romance, and rivalry which take place within the Boys Hostel in the film.

Among many other films, the film includes ‘Three Idiots’ and ‘Jo Jeeta Wahi Sikandar’ The film is full of real human emotion and has wonderful acting.

It has been said that the role of middle-aged Aniruddha has been played well by Sushant Singh Rajput, even with the young.

It is a delight to watch Shraddha Kapoor in the captivating roles of Young and Mature Maya, with Varun Sharma doing an exciting job as Saxa. Tahir Raj Bhasin in the role of Derek is solid.

In response to this, we can say that Acid, Double, Chris Cross, and Mom’s characters bring the story to life. Pratik Babbar has also done an excellent job, while the composition of songs in Pritam’s music is average.