Chloé Zhao Delves into ‘Eternals’ Decision That Baffled Some Viewers

The MCU movie comes to Disney + at no additional cost on January 12.

Eternals It was released in theaters on November 5, 2021 and now, just two months later, The Marvel Cinematic Universe movie is about to be released on Disney + at no additional cost. The arrival of Chloé Zhao’s tape on Disney’s streaming platform will be the opportunity that many were waiting to see the film based on the Marvel comics created by Jack Kirby, but, at the same time, it will also be that of others to be able to see it again and enjoy it in great detail.

The film, starring among others Gemma Chan and Richard Madden as lovers Ikaris and Sersi, has been received quite unevenly by UCM fans, but its director is more than proud of the result. In fact, the Oscar-winning filmmaker who was on everyone’s lips with her Nomadland, does not hesitate to be excited about its premiere on Disney + and encourages all those who have not seen it to enjoy the film.

In addition, in a recent interview with Empire, Chloé Zhao has returned to speak in depth about Eternals and, among other details, has answered a question that many asked themselves when enjoying the film on the big screen: Why didn’t Kingo, the character played in the tape by Kumail Nanjiani, return for the final battle?

‘Eternals’ already has a release date on Disney + and at no cost

Released with great anticipation last November, Eternals fulfilled the mission of presenting to the public the titular cosmic group: The Eternals, a race of superhumans created by the Celestials with the aim of becoming the protectors of our world. Each of them blessed with incredible powers, the Eternals were sent to Earth with the goal of protecting humanity from the evil Deviants and only the Deviants. Therefore, although the protagonists have been protecting the planet for thousands of years, they cannot interfere in any conflict or catastrophe in which one of them is not involved.

As you will remember if you have seen the movie, the final battle from Eternals It faces two members of the team, since the faction led by Sersi (Chan) works to prevent the destruction of the Earth, while the other, formed by Ikaris (Madden) and Sprite (Lia McHugh) remains committed to its initial mission . All the members of the Eternals who are still alive participate in the battle, but it is easy to notice the absence of Kingo. Despite having shared Ikaris beliefs for a long time, Kingo does not want to fight his family and decides to disappear to make an appearance, once that battle has been fought, in the final ‘cliffhanger’.


In his interview with Empire, Chloé Zhao offers her perspective on the reason that led Klingo to stay on the sidelines: Kingo “made his beliefs clear but simply refused to hurt anyone for them.” However, this explanation was the director’s starting point for you delve into one of the main objectives of his film: to approach the superhero genre with a more revisionist perspective.

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“We talk a lot about what it means to be heroic. I feel that we are entering a revisionist stage of this genre. I feel that desire on the part of the studios and the public,” says Zhao. “There is something about celebrating feminine strength, both in men. as with women in this movie, which was very important to us. “

I think Sersi [Chan] She is the bravest of all, because no matter how much damage someone did to her, she can forgive them and show them love instead of punching them in the face. She remains open and vulnerable, and that is actually what brought down the strongest and most powerful being.

As they remember from the website ScreenRant, the producer of Eternals Nate Moore had previously explained that Kingo stayed out of the battle because he would not have felt true to himself and his beliefs, which is consistent with Zhao’s thoughts. Kingo is someone who appreciates his family and would never harm them, but humanity has not swayed him enough to defy his orders. Also, Kingo is a really Ikaris-influenced character and I would never want to challenge him.

The decision to leave Kingo out of the final battle was a bit disconcerting for many viewers, but the decision was well considered by the team. the entire film, which was clear that not all superheroes have to show the same level of heroism and that there is also the option for them to step back.