Choose like a king on Netflix: 10 tricks to watch series and movies without wasting a second

All the news and functions at your fingertips so that it takes less time to hit ‘play’.

Decision fatigue is making its way through society relentlessly. If before television chose for us and told us what we should see and at what time, now the viewers are the ones who have the power to choose. The problem is that there is too much supply and we can take an hour to choose what to see. So that later we don’t like it!

It is a need that streaming platforms are trying to solve and, little by little, it is introducing news and new functions so that subscribers take less time to hit ‘play’, recline on the sofa and enjoy your moment of ‘relaxation’ in front of the television.

From here we want to contribute our grain of sand and collect 10 tricks so you can watch movies and series on Netflix without wasting a second. From the easy technique of changing the speed and skipping the intro, which will allow you to see more episodes in a single day, to more sophisticated ones such as the ‘self-download’ option or the use of commands, which will help you to take less time to decide on a content.

1. Change the speed and finish watching the content in less time

If we talk about watching series and movies without wasting a second, the trick that we cannot ignore is to change the playback speed. We live in the society of productivity and FOMO – the irrational fear of missing something. At the same time, a massive amount of content is released weekly. Netflix must have realized what its subscribers needed and included this functionality.

Since a time ago You can change the Netflix playback speed to be able to watch it faster. How can you do it? While watching the content, tap on the screen to make the control buttons pop out. At the bottom left you have the speed one. Press it and choose the speed you want.

2. Skip Intro

Its a classic. But no one will deny that it saves time. If you are not a special lover of credits -some of these pieces are an absolute delight and others a horror-, the most normal thing is that you go to the point to see the next episode and skip the intro. You can even do it in the first episode If you are not interested in seeing what the team has designed to start a certain title.

With the minimum wait of three seconds between episode and episode and with the possibility of skipping the intro, the reality is that Netflix offers you binge-watching sessions on a platter in which it is hardly noticeable that the chapter has been changed. Sometimes you don’t even know where you are going!

3. Use the commands to discover the hidden genres

The Netflix catalog is endless, full of movies and series that you in particular are not interested in and those that you do want to see remain hidden in a sea of ​​teen series, Turkish or Korean. You feel identified? Surely more than once you have asked yourself how you can directly access the genre you likeEspecially if you know that you are more of ‘Aliens and Science Fiction’ than the generic fantasy that appears on the cover.

There is a fast track, but it is only valid if you see it from your computer. There are codes that you can add to the Netflix link that take you directly to specific categories that you couldn’t find otherwise. To the URL you have to add a numeric command at the end according to the genre you want to see. There are many, but here we leave you a list with the most interesting.

Spanish Movies (58741)
Animation for adults (11881)
Anime Contents (7424)
Travel & Adventure Documentaries (1159)
Classic Foreign Movies (32473)
Showbiz Dramas (5012)
Feature films about ferocious bugs (6895)

4. Manually edit the ‘Continue watching’ and forget about what you left halfway through and are not interested

It does not matter if it is because you are an open mind or because you try your luck with endless titles in search of something that hooks you, we are sure that your “Keep watching” carousel is a real madness and is full of so many things that you started in their day and you did not continue that some of them, that continue to interest you, have been left behind. And that you had even forgotten about them.

If so, it may be useful to know that There is the possibility to edit that carousel and delete what you are no longer interested in, so that Netflix will keep remembering you never again. It will also help you get to what you do want to continue seeing faster, so all are advantages.

How to do it? From the web page or with the latest version of the Netflix app, you just have to hover over the carousel in question – from the web page, hover over a title in the row. On mobile devices, touch Menu- and you will see what options you have. Select Remove from row. Another option is to delete the titles from the viewing history so they will also be removed from Keep watching.

5. Netflix knows you better than anyone: Use the personalized recommendation list

Netflix knows a lot more about you than you think. It has information on the series you have watched all at once, the type of genre you resort to the most, what you have left abandoned, your favorite actors … And based on that, it builds recommendations With which you can agree more or less, but, of course, he recommends them for something.

The first option is that you let yourself be carried away by that fabulous section entitled ‘Recommendations for [inserta aquí tu nombre]. If there is someone who knows you better than you, it is the algorithm of the streaming platform. Trust him and enjoy an entertaining session without giving your head too much thought.

You also have available ‘Because you have seen…’. There they collect a list of series and movies that you may like because you have previously seen similar content. And do not forget the top of the platform, which indicates the most viewed among its subscribers. If you want something different, take a look at that list.

6. Use the ‘My List’ function

It is another of the classics, but the best way to “save” everything that interests you so that it does not fall into oblivion. While you are looking for what new series you are going to see or simply because the platform recommends it through the different carousels, the usual thing is that you find titles that you would like to see but that right at that moment you cannot start. Add them to your list without fail.

That list is the first you will have to visit when you do not know what to see and you are looking for a new series or movie for a specific moment. You will be surprised by the things that you had forgotten.

7. Activate the ‘auto-downloads’ and let Netflix always have content ready for you

If you like the wow factor and advent calendars, Netflix has activated the ‘self-download’ mode that does that function a bit. If you activate it, every time you go to the downloads of the mobile application, you will find a new series or movie ready for you to consume. Without having to spend hours deciding what to see.

Has it convinced you? To activate it, go to the ‘downloads’ section of the app, click on ‘autodownloads’ and give it permission to start adding productions without rest. Choose how much space you give each of your accounts and enjoy unexpected discoveries. Of this Never again will you run out of seasons to see on your bus journeys.

8. Download the platform on many devices

It is so basic that the same thing does not seem like a trick to you. However, if you have become used to consuming Netflix on television and you are not using it on your mobile or ipad, for example, that will limit more the time series. Eye! That maybe that is precisely what you are looking for and, of course, the ideal thing is to dedicate time to all kinds of activities and not all of them are linked to the screens.

However, if you are very hooked on a new series or want to catch up with someone and ultimately watch episodes at full speed, it’s cool to have Netflix on mobile devices too. Since the account is synced, you stop seeing it in one place and start at the same point from another without any problem.

9. Apply filters so that the contents are more refined

Netflix content is divided into genres, but this organization may be too generic at times. Maybe you want to see a comedy, but make it from the last decade. Or quite the opposite. Maybe you like action movies from the 90s that are for the whole family. You can apply all these filters so that the results are closer to what you want.

At the moment, it seems that it is only available in the mobile application. To use it, simply log into your Netflix session. On the cover, at the bottom, there is a button that reads ‘Filters’. That’s where you can adjust what you want to see the most.

10. Filter by the director or actors you like

In the same vein as the previous point, you can filter your searches by directors or actors that you like. Thus, you will not only be up to date with the options that the platform offers you for each of them, but you may even be able to find a little gem that you did not know.

Is UA simple but effective formula. Fancy one from Tarantino? Filter by Tarantino. You will arrive earlier than browsing by genres or in the recommendation lists for you. Doing so is easy: locate the search magnifying glass icon and enter the term you want to search for.

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