Chouf moves to the Bijou

For four evenings, the Toulouse singer Chouf pitched his tent at Le Bijou to be surrounded by many of his musician friends. Thus, Tuesday evening the Hardcordes Trio will join him on stage for a show created in 2018 around the albums “L’Hôtel des fous” and “Volatils” whose songs were rearranged by Eugénie Ursch for the group. Wednesday, Pianissimo evenings with Nour (new album “L’Élégance des mots crus”), Manu Galure and Lorenzo Naccarato whose stage performances are always highlights. Thursday, Chouf invites Lise Martin surrounded by her acolytes Marie Tournemouly (cello), Ugo Guari (drums) who accompany her in her show around her album “Persona”. In opening, Chouf will interpret some newly born songs or even “sung”. Friday is the end! With that of the WTO composed of Simon Barbe (accordion), Kévin Balzan (helicon) and Gaël Carigand (drums).

From Tuesday 23 to Friday 26 November at the Bijou (123, avenue de Muret), Toulouse. Prices: from 9 to 13 euros. Phone. 05 61 42 95 07 (