Cinema: “Flag Day”, Sean Penn with family

(AFP) – The star has turned in family: Sean Penn takes the stage alongside his daughter and son in “Flag Day”, chronicle of a failing father, in theaters Wednesday.

Classically, even conventional, but interpreted with accuracy, the film is based on a true story, that of a father, John Vogel (Sean Penn in the lead role), who lives on petty theft and has failed to take care of the education of his children.

Touching, sometimes pathetic, he struggles to want to maintain the appearances of a successful life in front of his children, but is fatally overtaken by his past, like those creditors who come to threaten him in front of his daughter. The latter (Dylan Penn), will try to build herself in spite of everything, and to reweave the relationship with her father.

Sean’s son, Hopper Jack Penn, is also onscreen.

The film takes place from the 1970s to the 1990s, and the legendary actor, who has starred as well with Clint Eastwood (“Mystic River” which won him an Oscar), Terrence Malick (“The Red Line”) or Gus Van Sant (“Harvey Milk”, second statuette), has been digitally rejuvenated for half of the scenes.

It is the first time that the child of the ball, born in California and who knew how to meet the critical and public success with a film like “Into the Wild”, initiatory and solitary quest in the great spaces, plays the main role from one of his films.

An idea to which he was initially reluctant, he confided in Cannes, where the film was in competition. It was actor Matt Damon who made him change his mind: “I made a last ditch attempt not to act by sending the script to Matt Damon who was generous enough to quickly read it and remember me. Not to tell me that he could do it, nor that he could not do it, but to tell me that I was a moron not to do it myself and to take this opportunity to play with my daughter ”, he said. -he tells.