Cinema: Hollywood and gentrification at the top of Daniel Brühl

(AFP) – One of Germany’s most prominent actors tackles Hollywood and “sores” for his stint in directing, with “Next Door”, in theaters on Wednesday.

After having experienced success at 25 with “Good Bye, Lenin!” (2003), a German drama that portrayed Ostalgia, that form of nostalgia felt by East Germans after reunification, Daniel Brühl saw his career take off.

A success that allowed him to make a name for himself in Hollywood, especially in the “Captain America” ​​franchise and in series. Experiences of his own admission that were sometimes “humiliating”, which he drew on for his first directorial film.

“Next Door” tells the story of Daniel (a role he takes on himself) who lives in a gentrified district of Berlin, is about to leave to shoot in a superhero movie, and stops in a bar for repeat his text.

In an attempt to better understand the character he has to play, Daniel frantically calls Marvel executives to implore them to provide him with a few more pages of the top-secret script to prepare. All under the watchful eye of Bruno, a mysterious bar customer who knows more than he should about his life.

A verbal battle begins between Daniel and Bruno, who does not appreciate the arrival of new wealthy residents in the neighborhood, who drive up prices. Daniel Brühl, himself living for twenty years in Prenzlauer Berg, one of the most “bobos” districts of Berlin, and whose parents live in Barcelona, ​​says he always felt “like an invader”.

“I am conceited and narcissistic but I am not as horrible as the character in the film,” he told AFP, laughing, during the film’s presentation at the last Berlinale, which was held online.

On the Hollywood side, “I also had experiences where I felt ridiculous and humiliated,” he adds. “For example, getting a totally blurry (screenplay) page, with only three (readable) lines without any context, and people hoping you get a magical performance out of it. And you fucking say to yourself, that’s what the hell! + “.

“Showing that humiliating aspect in a movie ‘was like catharsis,” he adds. At the risk of biting the hand that feeds him? ”Someone like Kevin Feige (Marvel boss) has a great sense of humor. That’s what I love about Marvel. I hope that by seeing the film, they will understand the joke. “