Cinema: the amazing little music of Samuel Benchetrit

(AFP) – Endearing misfits encamped by a good range of actors, from Vanessa Paradis to JoeyStar: with “This Music does not play for anyone”, Samuel Benchetrit offers Wednesday in theaters a choral film on battered lives, transformed by the theater and poetry.

Crazy feature film, both burlesque and poetic, and taking place in the port city of Dunkirk (North), the tenth film by the French director (“I always dreamed of being a gangster”) features mid-heroes. half-gang dockers and an aspiring actress who identifies with her next role, Simone de Beauvoir.

François Damiens, Ramzy Bedia, Gustave Kerven, Bruno Podalydès, Vincent Macaigne and Valeria Bruni Tedeschi are in the cast of this comedy which fully plays the register of the absurd to better underline the upheaval that their characters will experience through art and personal development.

“I have always liked my father’s worker buddies who worked in a lock factory or the neighbors of our low-cost housing estate. Hard-hearted people who touched me,” Samuel Benchetrit told AFP in Cannes. “We all have a poem in us. Picasso said: + in every child, there is an artist. The problem is to know how to remain an artist while growing up. + We were all artists during childhood. Once adults, many of us stop doing it “.

“I wanted a happy, funny and loving movie. Stories of guys confronted with love and whose universe is not necessarily. There is more and more loneliness in this world, so that there are more and more of them. The meaning of life is meeting people “, adds Samuel Benchetrit.

The title, not so enigmatic as that, is an expression that came to the director during a boring dinner at a restaurant. Samuel Benchetrit decides to escape for a few minutes: “from the loudspeakers came Schubert’s Impromptus. I said to myself: I’d be better off there, this music doesn’t play for anyone … One of my heroes, Jeff (François Damiens) explains that for this music to exist, it is enough to have loved it “.