Cinema: “Tralala”, the enchanted comedy of the Larrieu brothers

(AFP) – Tender and burlesque, “Tralala”, by the Larrieu brothers, offers a trip in theaters on Wednesday that looks like a musical comedy with Mathieu Amalric as a street singer attracted to Lourdes by an appearance.

Josiane Balasko, Maïwenn, Mélanie Thierry, Denis Lavant, Bertrand Belin and Jalil Lespert encompass the other picturesque characters in this story, both tender and burlesque, filmed mainly in the Marian city, the birthplace of directors and the Mecca of Catholic pilgrimage.

Sixteen years after “Painting or making love”, the film was unveiled in the official selection at the last Cannes film festival.

Etienne Daho, Dominique A, Bertrand Belin, Jeanne Cherhal, Joseph and Balthazar from the rap duo Sein, Philippe Katerine and Keren Ann sign the film’s soundtrack, with new songs written or co-written by Arnaud and Jean-Marie Larrieu.

Near the Gare Montparnasse in Paris, a mysterious young woman appears one evening in Tralala (Mathieu Amalric), a street singer who accompanies herself on the ukulele, and delivers her a message: “above all, don’t be yourself!”.

Does he think he has seen the Blessed Virgin? He takes the first train to Lourdes. once there, “Tralala” accidentally pretends to be a son who died twenty years earlier and becomes part of a family.

“Apparitions generally happen to people who are doing very badly … We wanted a miracle to occur in Lourdes, something impossible, and in which we can nevertheless believe”, explains Jean-Marie Larrieu.

For a long time, the two filmmaker brothers dreamed of signing a musical: “Music has always been important in our films. With Arnaud, we are also a bit of failed musicians. At 15, we had set up a group …” .

Their street singer, well camped by Mathieu Amalric, is a kind of “Boudu saved from the waters”: “he also meets the figure of + Vernon Subutex + (the hero of Virginie Despentes, editor’s note). A character whose world and youth are are collapsed, with the possibility of a revival. As Subutex brings the world back to life, our character can reveal himself and others to themselves … “.