Cinema: vaudeville and class struggle go hand in hand in “The reported piece”

(AFP) – Vaudeville and the class struggle go hand in hand in “the Piece Report”, a crisp fantasy carried by a voice-over with Josiane Balasko, Philippe Katerine and Anaïs Demoustier, in theaters on Wednesday.

The director Antonin Peretjatko, who had already signed in 2013 the astonishing comedy “The girl of July 14” this time poses his ironic and tender gaze on the very upper bourgeoisie of Paris.

Josiane Balasko plays the “queen-mother”, a wealthy widow who despairs when she sees her son and heir to the Château-Têtard family, Paul (Philippe Katerine), a naive and sluggish old boy, set her sights on a metro teller, Ava (Anaïs Demoustier).

The two lovebirds will brave the hostility of the matriarch and get married. But the integration of Ava into her wealthy but boring in-laws is not obvious, especially since she will take a lover and the “queen mother” will have her followed by a private detective …

Josiane Balasko wanted to make her character of great bourgeois “not too monolithic nor too bad”, underlines the director who also found in Philippe Katerine the perfect interpreter for “a very nice character, a little stupid and that one wants to shake like a plum tree, “he told AFP.

The film is also valid for its writing and its mechanics regulated like a clock with an omnipresent, tongue-in-cheek and quirky voice-over, spoken by the director himself.

In constructing the film, “I think a lot about what can work, about the viewer, about how I can bully him or shake him up a bit. The voiceover is also used for that”, explains Antonin Peretjatko, 47 years old. Always tender with the characters he caricatures, the director weaves “a vaudeville that takes place in the inter-self of the very very rich”, with nods “to the news from which these people are disconnected”.

The film also has fun with the movement of “yellow vests” and maliciously notes having chosen, “for the sake of parity”, a title which has as many …. vowels as consonants.