Clash Cyril Hanouna – Louis Boyard: what does the TPMP host risk for his insults towards the Insoumis deputy?

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Cyril Hanouna insulted the deputy LFI Louis Boyard, Thursday evening in “Touche pas à mon poste”. The elected Insoumi had criticized the billionaire Vincent Bolloré who is a shareholder of C8. What is Cyril Hanouna risking?

Lively debates, tense exchanges, clash: this is one of the trademarks of “Touche pas à mon poste” whose host Cyril Hanouna boasts that we can say everything on his show. Thursday evening, the clash went up a notch: Cyril Hanouna insulted the LFI deputy for Val-de-Marne Louis Boyard whom he called “jester”, “shit”” and “fucker”.

The 22-year-old Insoumi had been invited to talk about the reception in France of the ship Ocean Viking and its 230 migrants. During the interview, Louis Boyard wanted to demonstrate how the impoverishment of Africa leads to migration crises. He specifically implicated the businessman Vincent Bolloré who notably produces palm oil with his company Socapalm. But Vincent Bolloré is also the shareholder of Canal + and C8. “The five richest people are the same ones who impoverish France and Africa. And I’ll give you the example of Bolloré who deforested Cameroon,” said Louis Boyard. Cyril Hanouna did not accept it at all.

Ex-columnist of “TPMP”

Cyril Hanouna and Louis Boyard know each other well. Louis Boyard was a columnist in “TPMP”. Today he is an elected representative of the Republic. Can we insult a guest, who is moreover a deputy, live on television and what is the risk of the star host of C8?

Louis Boyard has not filed a complaint at this stage. But in the eyes of the law, “contempt of a person holding public authority or charged with a public service mission” can be considered insults and can lead to legal proceedings, according to the circular of September 7, 2020. Parliamentarians, mayors or local elected officials are concerned.

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Fine of several thousand euros

The law provides for contempt of an officer to be punished with a one-year prison sentence and/or a fine of up to €7,500 or even €15,000 depending on the circumstances.

Another possible sanction from Arcom (ex-CSA), the audiovisual policeman. The leader of the rebellious deputies in the National Assembly Mathilde Panot tweeted that she was seizing Arcom because “nobody says shut your mouth” to a deputy from her political group. Arcom also announces this Friday: “We are seized and we will examine the sequence with regard to the obligations of the publisher”.

? What happened tonight on #TPMP is extremely serious.

No one says “shut the fuck up” to a member of my group.

Not even @CyrilHanouna and the lackeys of #Bollore

We seize the@Arcom_fr

We will not be silent.

— Mathilde Panot (@MathildePanot) November 10, 2022

Arcom has a whole range of possible sanctions: formal notice, fine corresponding to 3% of the last turnover excluding tax calculated over a period of 12 months (5% in the event of a new violation of the same obligation) or even the suspension of the publishing, broadcasting and distribution of an audiovisual program.

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Cyril Hanouna already sentenced

In the past, Cyril Haouna has already been in the sights of the audiovisual policeman. Very recently in the Lola affair named after this young girl killed in Paris. In 2021, for having promoted the airline Skyline Airways and not having respected the sponsorship rules, C8 was put on notice. In 2017, C8 was deprived of publicity for a homophobic “hoax” in “Touche pas à mon poste”. “TPMP” had also been given formal notice for a sequence where columnists kissed the breast of a guest in the special program “Les 35 heures d’Hanouna”.

“Touche pas à mon poste” is a locomotive for C8 and brings together between 1.5 and 2 million viewers each evening, including many 15/34 year olds. Thursday evening, the clash between Cyril Hanouna and Louis Boyard was seen by 1.7 million people according to Médiamétrie.