Clash Shakira-Piqué: the singer places a witch on her terrace in the direction of her in-laws

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The war continues between pop star Shakira and her ex-boyfriend Gérard Piqué. While the separation is not going for the best between the singer and the former footballer, it is with public clashes that the two stars respond to each other. Latest: the singer would have placed a witch on the terrace of her home in Barcelona.

No, you guessed it: the separation between singer Shakira and former footballer Gérard Piqué is not going well. As a reminder, the Colombian star discovered that her ex-husband was cheating on her with the one who is now presented as her new companion: Clara Chia.

It is therefore with public clashes that the stars respond to each other. First in date: the posting, this week, of a new song in which Shakira denounces the infidelities of her ex-companion. Among the many tackles, “You changed a Ferrari for a Twingo, a Rolex for Casio” comes up repeatedly on the networks. The former Barça defender answered him, in his own way, during a live broadcast on Twitch on Friday where he showed up with a watch… Casio.

A witch on her terrace

? Shakira ha embogit: put on the bruixa sobre un podi contra la mare de Piqué, veïna, i engaga la cançó amb altaveus a tot drap

— (@elnacionalcat) January 14, 2023

The singer did not stop there. According to Spanish media, Shakira went so far as to place a witch on the terrace of her home in Barcelona. For the most superstitious, it would be a talisman intended to scare away evil spirits and protect his family. For others, more pragmatic, it would be a message addressed to the press… and especially to his parents-in-law who live a few meters away. Because the doll is, in fact, turned towards the house of Pique’s parents who were aware of their son’s affair.