‘Club Istanbul’: The love scenes between Barış Arduç and Asude Kalebek that have generated a stir in Turkey

Netflix premiered a new Turkish series on November 5. Starring the same man from ‘I rent my love to you’, the fiction has generated a lot of interest. Specifically, an intimate moment between the protagonists, which has not left anyone indifferent.

Two lovers rest in bed after having sex – we suppose, because it is not seen. She is covered up to the neck and he leaves his torso exposed. They talk quietly about their future and their day-to-day problems. It is a scene that we would find in any western series and that some would even call innocent, since the two are very careful not to see anything more than necessary. But in Turkey it has generated quite a stir.


That sequence takes place in episode 6 of Club Istanbul, Netflix’s new Turkish series that hit its catalog on November 5. Starring Gökçe Bahadir, Baris Arduç and Asude Kalebek, among others, the fiction generated a lot of interest. Not only because of its cast, but also because it is an original production of the well-known streaming platform, which dares to do things like this.

Since it was broadcast, there have been many Turkish media that have highlighted the scene, surprised that the two protagonists appeared in that guise. “The bold and ambitious scenes in the series have a huge impact on social media”, announces Onedio, like Hurriyet, which dedicates an article to the scene in question and publishes the images that have caused “noise” on the internet. “What marked the first season was the love between the characters of Fistik İsmet and Rasel”, defines the medium.

Sex, alcohol, adultery and LGBT characters: what they censor in Turkish series

Why is this moment being talked about so much? Because Turkish series do not usually show encounters in bed and, much less, with their shirtless actors. Maybe you remember the fine that fell to the team of Love is in the air for showing Eda (Hande Erçel) and Serkan (Kerem Bürsin) on a passionate date in a hot tub. If you have seen the series and you remember, surely you will find problems to remember them with little clothes. Nudity is punished and, of course, sex too.

Any content that may go against Turkish family traditions or social values ​​is censored or, in the best of cases, punished by paying a fine. Sex or nudity are not the only controversial topics, so is, for example, adultery. The Serie Unfaithful it was also sanctioned for normalizing extramarital affairs. In the eyes of RTUK – the Supreme Council of Radio and Television – they are a bad example “because they create” role models that can negatively affect young people and children.

Club Istanbul It has not been sanctioned, but it is one of the few that has dared to show a more authentic reality in couple relationships. It has done so thanks to the protection of Netflix, which, despite being subject to the same rules, is always one step ahead of the more traditional networks.

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