‘Club Istanbul’: This is what the protagonists of the new Turkish Netflix series are behind the cameras

This title is part of the list of Ottoman fictions that will be released by the streaming platform in the coming months.

If you are a fan of Turkish series, it is very possible that Club Istanbul has crept onto your Netflix list. The new Turkish fiction is available in full on the streaming platform from the past Friday, November 5. Among its protagonists is the actor Barış Arduc, who you can recognize from the famous Turkish series I rent you my love and that coincides again after this series with Salih Bademci, who played Sinan.

Club Istanbul is a period series, specifically set in Istanbul in 1955, and follows Matilda, a woman who has just been released from prison and must take care of her daughter Rashel. To try to start a new stage and try to give her daughter a life, she starts working in a nightclub. What began as an easy way to earn money will be the focus of many of the mother and daughter problems.

Although the series has all the makings of a good Turkish drama, they are not all bad times. The title has a great cast, and many of them they already knew each other from previous jobs, and all of them live great moments behind the cameras that they later share on their social networks. An example of this was during the red carpet of the presentation of the Netflix series and that the actor Metin Akdülger, Orkun in the fiction Medcezir, has published on his Instagram account.

The actor, in addition to showing himself on the red carpets, is also passionate about travel and nature, something he shares with his co-starBaris Arduc , that although he is not very active in social networks, he shares the very similar hobbies with Akdülger.

But if there is a diamond in the rough within the cast, it is its protagonist Gökçe Bahadir, one of the veteran Turkish actresses in both movies and series, and who in recent years has joined the Ottoman serial fever that is giving so much joy to its interpreters. Versatile and with great artistic gifts, not only at the acting level, Club Istanbul It is not the only title that Bahadir has starred in and hopes to release this year.