‘Cobra Kai’: 8 Moments Between Mary Mouser And Peyton List That Prove They’re Only Rivals On The Show

Those in charge of interpreting Amanda LaRusso and Tory Nichols are excellent friends in real life.

The rivalry between Tory Nichols (Peyton List) y Samantha LaRusso (Mary Mouser) has been brewing in Cobra Kai since the beginning of the series, but the fourth season of the sequel series of Karate Kid took what is undoubtedly one of the most prominent feuds to the top when dared to face the two advanced students in the final of the All Valley Tournament. Without a doubt, one of the most significant moments between both characters in the fourth installment.

Who won? If you have seen the season 4 of Cobra Kai, you already know that the result of the fight was the result of the purchase of the referee by Terry Silver (Thomas Ian Griffith), so that the winner, now aware that her victory was not clean, will have to deal with this in a fifth installment in which this matter will undoubtedly not go unnoticed.

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Returning to the enmity between Tory and Samantha, the reality is that, although both young women share their passion for karate, su relationship has always been destined to be that of eternal rivals. On the one hand They are the most outstanding female students of two dojos that have been at odds since the 80s, Cobra Kai and Miyagi-Do, but a boy has also been between them: Miguel (Xolo Maridueña), who has finally finished with Sam.

Although we rule out that the story could go somewhere else in the future -especially after seeing Johhny and Daniel as part of the same team-, the reality is that Tory and Sam hate each other today. But nevertheless, this hatred only exists within the sets, since the two actresses are great friends. This is demonstrated by some funny moments that Peyton and Mary have lived in real life and that our sister website collects SensaCine Mexico.

From the tatami to the dance floor

In ‘Cobra Kai’ we usually see them on the mat or in the corridors of the institute but, in real life, Mary Mouser and Peyton List share another passion: the desire for new experiences. And good proof of this are the dance classes to which, Peyton List confirmed in statements in an interview Women’s Health, they signed up in the past: “We went to burlesque dance classes together,” she confirmed.


Peyton List and Mary Mouser, like other Cobra Kai teammates who have also become great friends over the course of the series, go out from time to time. What do you like to do? Go karaoke! Like most mortals. And on their Instagram accounts you can see them singing at the top of their lungs.

Friends since childhood

They will be rivals on screen, but the truth is that their friendship behind the scenes began before Cobra Kai existed. Apparently, the young actresses met regularly at castings and ended up becoming friends. This is how Mary Mouser told Smart Entertainment Group: “In fact, we knew each other for a long time when we were kids, auditioning against each other. So we knew each other and we were like friends from hanging out in the waiting rooms. “

The ‘Whatsapp’ group

As you can imagine, every shoot is the setting for the creation of a ‘Whatsapp’ group and Cobra Kai, with a mostly youthful cast, was not going to be any different. As Mary Mouser told Buzzfeed, she was the one in charge of creating the Cobra Kai group, while Peyton is by far the most active person in the group. Apparently, according to her friend, she is the one who sends all the memes and videos she finds to her classmates.

Between blows and laughs

The Cobra Kai team has a group of expert choreographers who allow them to stage the best fight scenes without anyone getting hurt, but sometimes a blow is unavoidable. Do you remember the confrontation in which both young women participated in the institute? Well, as they both remember, Peyton List hit Mary Mouser so hard she gave her a bump on the head. The funny thing is that, far from being a drama, both could not stop laughing. And it is that, between punches, anyone misses a blow.

A love triangle that is resolved with compliments

Now Miguel is with Sam and Tory is with Robbie, but there was a time between Tory and Sam, in addition to a personal confrontation, there was Miguel, with whom both had dated. We all know that, but did you know that they competed in a compliment contest? They did it in a fun video for Netflix, in which Peyton List and Mary Mouser told Xolo Maridueña the cheesiest thing that crossed their minds. Peyton won.

Fun routines to break the ice

Cobra Kai choreographies sometimes feature stunt doubles, but more often than not it’s the actors who tackle all the scenes. To do this, they undergo hard training that requires physical and mental preparation. The Peyton List and Mary Mouser trick? As Mary told ScreenRant: Jumping Up and Down, “We actually started jumping up and down, sort of pushing ourselves, ‘I’m ready and I hate you.’

A rivalry that is not ahead of friendship

Despite being friends from before, when from the second season their characters began to be clear rivals, both actresses considered keeping their distance a little. This is how Mary Mouser explained it in an interview with Smart Entertainment Group: “Maybe we shouldn’t be too close friends, because we didn’t want to ruin the rivalry.” However, they also take that the feelings ended up winning.