‘Cobra Kai’: Has Xolo Maridueña (Miguel) left the series after season 4?

After the outcome of the fourth installment that has just been released on Netflix, many fans are concerned about the continuity of the character.

Season 4 of Cobra Kai It has barely been available on Netflix for a week, but the 10 episodes that make it up are quickly devoured when caught with desire. Therefore, it is likely that by now you have already seen the outcome of the fourth installment and discovered how it lays the foundations for a fifth that has not only been confirmed, but has also been shot. But, you’d better stop reading now, as key plot details are revealed below.

With the All Valley Karate Tournament on the horizon, Johnny (William Zabka) and Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) working as allies, and Terry Silver’s menacing entry into the equation, expectations for season four were really high. And, as expected, the events that took place took the different plots to a point of no return in which the consequences have yet to be seen.

Among the many things that have happened in the fourth season of Cobra KaiWe can highlight the double victory of the dojo of Kreese and Silver -although with the purchase of a referee in between- compared to the unique victory of Miyagi-Do at the hands of Hawk (Jacob Bertrand). Now, According to the bet, Daniel and Johnny must close their dojos, but the former will not be willing to honor the deal. Also, now that Silver has betrayed Kreese and has taken control of Cobra Kai and that, in turn, Tory (Peyton List) has found out that the sensei has rigged the tournament, things could get really tense in this group.

However, there is a plot, the one starring Miguel (Xolo Maridueña), that has been left open and that has the fans of the series really worried. The reason? The young man’s march to Mexico City to meet his biological father, something that has left many wondering if we will see Miguel again on the season 5 of Cobra Kai.


After having been like flesh and blood since Miguel became Johnny’s first student in the first season of the series, sensei and student’s relationship becomes a bit strained in the fourth installment that has just been released on Netflix. As Miguel and his girlfriend Sam (Mary Mouser) get closer, Miguel forms a good relationship with Sam’s father, Daniel, and that makes Johnny a little jealous, despite the fact that he feels closer and closer to whoever he was. your rival.

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Throughout the season, both star in moments of tension and confrontation, and Johnny can perceive, especially after the injury of the young man in the tournament, that Miguel is moving away from him. In the final moments of the season, Miguel’s mother, Carmen (Vanessa Rubio), shows Johnny a note that Miguel left him after the competition: he is going to find his father. You need to deal with the trauma you’ve dealt with in recent months, including your injury and subsequent rehabilitation, and you need to find out where it came from. You need to know your father to find a sense of identity.

The character’s departure is undoubtedly a hard blow for Johnny, who maintains a terrible relationship with his son Robby (Tanner Buchanan) and yet has forged very close ties with Miguel.


If Miguel’s departure is final or if it will keep him away from the series at least for a while, it has not been revealed. But it would not be the first time that the series fired one of its characters to return to take it again later. In fact, the writing team had previously assured that it seemed like a good strategy to keep the plots fresh.

Still, we doubt that Miguel’s march will continue for long. On the one hand, Miguel says in his note that he will be back “soon”, so he could be back in season 5 if it experiences some kind of timeskip, even if it is short. Of course, although the season 5 of Cobra Kai The filming has finished, Maridueña has not shared images of the set on her personal Instagram account.

What is certain is that Miguel is such an essential part of Cobra Kai and for Johnny Lawrence it seems unlikely that the team could have made the decision to put him aside for a while.