‘Cobra Kai’: Jacob Bertrand wasn’t happy with this spin on Hawk’s character

The actor has confessed that he enjoyed being the villain of fiction and that he does not agree with the change in season 4.

Season 4 of Cobra Kai He has shown us the better side of Hawk after his path as an antagonist. Now known by his real name Eli, the character has bonded with Miyagi-Do and has put his more aggressive attitude behind him. This change has not pleased the actor who plays it, Jacob Bertrand, who preferred to remain the bad boy of the series, but the Netflix series team convinced him that good things were coming.

The new episodes of fiction continue with the transformation that already began at the end of season 3 of Cobra Kai, when we saw that Hawk suddenly switched sides to defend his friend Demetri (Gianni DeCenzo). Now we have the opportunity to better explore his feelings and see what consequences it has for the rest of his classmates. Although much of the audience is in favor of it, Bertrand himself was somewhat disappointed when he learned that he was no longer a bad guy. As stated in an interview with THR, he was very comfortable in his role.

Being a villain is much more fun. Playing the evil Hawk was the best. I know he was a total idiot and that he threatened people, but he would break Demetri’s arm 10 more times [risas]

“When I heard that it happened to me to the good side I thought: ‘What? No. I want to be a villain. I want to bend and murder someone“The actor laughs,” And they told me: ‘No no, this is going to turn out very well.’ Then the Hawk went over to the bright side and everyone thought, ‘Yeah! This is the best thing that has happened since sliced ​​bread! “

Seeing that the public has reacted well to his transformation, Bertrand has accepted it little by little, but he does not forget how much fun he has had with his character. Not only because he was able to make more aggressive and dynamic scenes, but also because of the challenge it has given him to bring the young fighter to life. “When I did the test, there was no Hawk. There was only Eli when I read the script. It was a challenge for me to have my head in two completely different characters, but it is the same person who has a bit of both inside,” says the actor .

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Many viewers have come to hate Hawk and let him know on the street, something that did not bother him. Quite the opposite. “There are fans who have a lot of energy. I remember when season 3 was released people would come to me with a smile and say, ‘You suck. Hate you. You are the devil ‘. And I would say, ‘I know it’s difficult right now, but I swear it gets better,’ Bertrand confesses.

Hawk’s path of redemption began at the end of season 3 of Cobra Kai, when he switches sides to defend his friend. In the new season, instead of staying at Eagle Fang, Johnny Lawrence’s dojo, he joins Miyagi-Do. You can already see season 4 of Cobra Kai and Netflix.

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